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Depth Chart Analysis: Colorado Depth Chart posted.

Capping a Depth Chart Is Important. 

Last night you may have seen that I pointed out a distinct shift in the depth chart for Kansas State. The Wildcat Coach pulled his starting ILB and moved him to a reserve role at OLB, then started a JUCO in his spot, and set him beside a Junior that had started a total of 2 games in his career. On the line he shifted his best run stopping DE over to the right, and started a Freshman at left defensive end.

He gave a CB his first start of the year and made a few more adjustments on top of that.

If this iformation was promoted to a wide audience, then the Cardinals may have been favored in that game. In essence, a large chunk of the "capped" K-State defense was either missing or had moved to another position entirely!

Coach Prince took the game out of the realm of "statistical probability", and rendered most short term trends useless with the flick of his pen.

I think it's fair to say that we need to cap the public record. In this case it's the depth chart that is published by the coaches during the week and, more importantly, after the lines are released. That scrap of paper will occasionally tip the balance of a wager.

It certainly made the difference last night.


Here's how you find a depth chart:

Many of them are buried, but most of them are available. I'll use Colorado as an example.

1. Just "Google" Colorado Buffalos football depth chart.

2. In this case it took me to the Buffs official websight.

From there I looked around the site and found "Depth Chart" and it took me HERE:

Click here for theColorado Buff's Depth Chart for the WVU Game

*From this point I like to look at the WR height and compare them to the other teams secondary.

*I look at the depth in the 3-Deep, especially in the trenches.

*I look at the Weight of the lines.

*I double check the defensive allignment: In this case the Buffs Run a 4-3 defense. You can see the experience at LB, the size, and make-up, and you can generally sniff out the structure of the defense. Does it look fast, is it sluggish, are the LB's the strength, or are they a back-end heavy team.

*I can see a 5-11 QB like Hawkins, and measure the size of the other teams defensive line. I can also look at the height of his Linemen and look for a possible "vision issues".

Immediately I see that the starting right tackle is 6'8 inches tall! That body-type has numerous flex concerns, so I dig farther in his direction.

Left tackle is freaking 6'9"!

Big boys!

Also: Look for the guy in the secondary with the "N" marked by his name. He's your "nickle back"! You want to see his stats and check his coverage skills, and tackling ability.  

*Then go over to the injury report at the bottom right  of the page! That's a gem!

I could go on all day!

A depth Chart that is current and updated for a specific game is priceless!


Please consider the Depth Chart. It's a massive tool for in the King Maker System. I just don't see people using it, so I will try to make a point of making people aware of it.


Good luck this weekend!


The KM



After retiring as a stock trader, The King Maker became a professional bettor. A legend on the Pregame Forums, The King Maker developed the unique and winning "Kingmaker" MLB system; in football, his personal... Read more

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