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THE KING MAKER'S 2010 FOOTBALL RECORD AND WAGERS I'm not going to use The Sports Monitor for the Fall, but I'll keep the record and the wagers right here, so that everything is visible. I like The Sports Monitor, and I have no real complaints, but I think it's imperative that every handicapper that takes money for their information should be as transparent as possible. The one drawback is that I'm going to post... Read more

The Number #1 Threat to Pitchers on Tuesday: Larry Vanover: VERY small Left Side (catcher's left hand). VERY small High Zone. He's 9-4 to the OVER even though he's running a 2.35 K/BB ratio!!!! He's filling up his sheet with UNDER percentages, but this is a result of Pitchers that have scouted Vanover. They seem to immediately sense the batter friendly inside on the RHB, and they can't hide in that outside edge... Read more

Sexy Saturday! WE have two mediocre "worm killers" in Baltimore! Livan Hernandez floats 30% of his pitches right at the gopher's forehead, and Mister Bergeson of Balto NEVER gets into the upper strike zone, so we have two fellas that don't strike out many batters but, when they get their groundballs in the upper teens, these cats can hurt an OVER. What we need is an umpire that limits or eliminates the low... Read more

I've done the math. I've seen the reports and graphs. And it's very clear that the teams that hit too many grounders score the fewest runs. AND, as you know, line drives and fly balls are important factors in generating runs, and walks actually have a bigger impact on scoring runs than fly balls. High strikeout rates and many ground balls lead to victory (Ubaldo Jimenez, Roy Halladay, Timmy Lincecum). It seems... Read more

THE CRAPPY PITCHER INDEX (CPI) The King Maker's Plays for Tonight: Play #1: The Boston Red Sox -1.5 (EVEN) at BetUS for 5-Stars Play #2: The Philadelphia Phillies -1/2 -135 at BetUS (strong) Play #3: The Minnesota Twins -125 at BetUS for 5-Stars My new "source" is adding this play: The Boston Red Sox -150 at BetUS (We already have the Boston RL so I'm just giving you and FYI, she's rarely... Read more

Angel Campos has a very small LOW zone. (proven) Angel runs a K/BB ratio that rests in the 2.20-2.40 range during the last few seasons, but he's become a terror to pitchers during the first weeks of 2010. He was deceptive to me, because he had a 15-17 Over/Under record in 2009 (17-5 in 2007), but his numbers, aside from the high home run rate, were all pointing to an UNDER umpire (Strike Rates, K/BB, Pitcher matchups... Read more

My original use of the term "King Maker" comes from a baseball handicapping system that I developed a few years ago. The King Maker System was an extremely popular subject at Pregame and it exploded with the help of my partner (The Game/JD). With his help, we gathered as many as 2,200-3,000 page views during a period when Pregame had a much smaller membership base. In the end, I can thank the King Maker System for... Read more

Charity is good, as long as you get to the stripe! Charity Hodges This is a real quick article in honor of a pal. He always gets nervous when we take an OVER if a lousy free-throw shooting team is in the mix. In many cases, it's a series of lousy foul shots that kill an OVER or, at least, that's what people think killed the total. In reality, all totals are decided by the confluence of hundreds of variables... Read more

This is an open letter to all aspiring Touts Rule #1: Your record is never as bad as it seems. THE KING MAKER is working with a dismal 7-9 record in NCAA football. He's made his clients an abysmal $170.00 on the season. That's not what you want from your Professional is it? WELL SURE IT IS! Let me show you how to cook the books on that 7-9 showing . I am one of the rare Professional Touts that pays to have... Read more

Can Miami Actually Stop The Tech Offense? The new defensive coordinator for Miami was part of a team that shut down Tech last year (28-7 UNC Win). Unfortunately, he won't be suiting up against the Tech offense. The important thing to note is that Vaughn Telemaque (rFR) and "Ray Ray" Armstrong (true-FR) will be playing a ton of snaps at the safety position on Thursday. I want to show you what happens to a safety... Read more

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