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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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Stan Sharp breaks down this Week's Virgin Line Moves


The following article is from Stan Sharp as told to (and posted by) a staff writer. We have convinced Stan to sit for an occassional interview that we'd convert into an article.

The following was supplied to us from Stan Sharp as this is taken from Stan's actual worksheet and notes that he starts his handicapping week from. Every Week Stan goes to one of the prominent Casinos here in Las Vegas to see their Opening Number then he monitors what happens with their line both here in Las Vegas and Offshore and dissects what the move is and what it may mean.

Virgin Football Line Moves: Week of September 24th

Northwestern opened -1, now -2.5 vs. Minnesota

Stan says: "Interesting that both played Syracuse. Minnesota beat them while Northwestern lost to them and yet the early money has come in on Northwestern anyway."

Michigan opened -18, now -20 vs. Indiana
Stan says: "Looks like all the extra practice time is paying dividends for Michigan. Oddsmakers seem to be scrambling to catch up to this team"

Clemson opened -2, now -3 vs. TCU
Stan says: "Clemson moved quickly to a Key Number of -3. If number goes to -3.5 you'll know the Sharps really are hitting this hard "

Cincinnati opened -14, now -15.5 vs. Fresno St
Stan says: "After the way Cincinnati handled Oregon St this move doesn't really surprise and Fresno St could be down after huge game at home on TV vs Boise St last Friday. This could be a public bet later in the week, and the Sharps might be taking a postion now to buy back later."

Mississippi St opened +14.5, now +13.5 vs. LSU
Stan says: "Any time a move goes thru a key number (14 in this case) you must really respect the move."

Iowa St opened -8, now -10 vs Army
Stan says: "This one took a big move and is now sitting on a Key Number. Watch to see if they continue to bet the Iowa St side."

Memphis opened -2, now -3.5 vs Marshall
Stan says: "This went right thru a Key number (3) right away so watch if it sits there or moves as a lot of times sharps who bought early at -2 will buy back and take the dog at +3.5 hoping for the game winning FG."

Vanderbilt opened -10, now -7.5 at Rice
Stan says: "Careful with a move like this following a big upset loss like Vanderbilt had on Saturday as often times these kind of moves are move the Sharps getting ready for the public to overreact to one shocking score."

Florida St. opened -12, now -14.5 vs S. Florida
Stan says: "This moved right thru 2 key numbers (13 & 14) so you have to take this move seriously. Given that Florida St already had a scare against another in state school 2 weeks ago Bowden should have their attention in practice all week telling his team not to take S. Florida lightly."

NC State opened -1, now Pick vs Pittsburgh
Stan says: "These kind of moves are the least meaningful as most likely Pittsburgh will become the favorite and really -1 or +1 generally will not have any bearing. Take notice if game gets to -2.5 on Pittsburgh."

Miami-Fl opened Pick, now -2.5 at Virginia Tech 
Stan says: "I expected the move to come this way as Vegas has to adjust to Miami being much better than they thought while Virginia Tech has not impressed. The sharps feel oddsmakers aren't adjusting fast enough"

Stan Sharp is a Professional Bettor in Las Vegas that has won 57.5% of his plays over a 30+ month period. That is all sports combined and Stan is off to a another fantastic start this Football season. Stan went 3-0 this past week in Football and although Stan only bets one game a day the work begins early in the week as Stan monitors how the lines move and how and why the money is being bet the way it is.

Click here to see Stan's Sharp's homepage 

Stan based in Las Vegas makes his living solely from Betting on Sports his Winning is geared by playing just One Game a Day the absolute Best Bet he finds on the Card.

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