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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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Obviously didn't Lebron didn't read my "Open Letter" to him a couple of weeks ago about him being a "drama queen" . Last night after being destroyed by the Orlando Magic in Game 6th of the Eastern Conference finals "The King" acted more like a spoiled prince. Lebron refused to shake hands with any of the Magic players and then decided he was to "angry" to attend the post game press conference which is required... Read more

One of the first sports books I ever read was "The Jordan Rules" by Stan Smith. One of the main features of the book was a philosophy by Detroit Pistons head coach Chuck Daly (RIP) on the best way to defend Michael Jordan. The interesting thing was Daly knew you couldn't totally stop Jordan, but the plan was to force him to play 1 on 5 and to beat his brains in for the entire series. Fast forward to 2009... Read more

Dear Lebron, First let me say that I am a Witness. Your play last night was not human. You were 20-30 from the field and that simply doesn't happen in the NBA. You were even able to add eight assists, six boards, three blocks and two steals while only committing two turnovers. Those numbers are even more impressive considering your teammates were of little to no help to you last night and your coach decided to... Read more

2nd round Record: 3-1 Overall Record: 9-3 Eastern Conference: #1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #3 Orlando Magic One thing I can guarantee is that the Cavaliers won't sweep the Magic. The Magic present a lot of matchup problems for the Cavs. They are very similar to Lakers they have a lot of size up front, there forwards are long and athletic and their point guard play is a little shaky. The Magic... Read more

I'm a big fan of Dwight Howard. He's fun to watch, and he's definitely got a great personality that makes him entertaining both on and off the court (except for him trying to dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies , which was a little disturbing...maybe). But tonight's blow up after a crushing loss in Boston gave Howard a reason to truly speak his mind, about the Magic's game plan, his coach and his overall mood of this series... Read more

Can I be honest with you? The shot that Glen "Big Baby" hit was very nice. Anytime you hit a game winning shot in the playoffs you should be applauded. You do it on the road and it is even more impressive. You do it to save your team from going down 3-1 in the series is something you should pound your chest about and be very proud of. So Big Baby should have as many Twinkies and Ding Dongs as his... Read more

I am not going to lie I thought the Ron Artest "Table Leg Murder Story" was just a figment of his wild and crazy imagination to scare Kobe Bryant, but I was dead wrong (no pun intended). Via Twitter someone found an old New York Times Article confirming Artest's story. This is unbelievable: Here are the details from the New York Times circa 1991: A 19-year-old basketball player from Queens was fatally... Read more

1st Round Record: 6-2 Overall Record: 6-2 Western Conference: #1 Los Angeles Lakers vs. #5 Houston Rockets I know a lot of people think that the Rockets will give the Lakers problems I do not. This version of the Rockets are no longer 1st round virgins, but they beat an inexperience and young Portland Trail Blazers team by brute force, but that won't happen with the Lakers. They will try to get under the Lakers skin... Read more

Anytime the Lakers and Suns get together it is an intersting game with a lot of interesting prop bets. But the one thing you can guarantee is anytime Shaq gets to play against his old team in the Staple Center you are going to get his very best. The best prop bet of the night is -135 Shaq scoring over 17 1/2 points against the Lakers. He might have that much by half time. Easy money bet.

Tuesdays are considered a pretty boring day, but not anymore cause your BonaFide Sports Expert Robert Littal will be hitting you with his NBA Tuesday Night Double Play until the end of the regular season. One pick will be a traditional pick while the other with be an "upset" or "big money" pick. If you are a risk taker like me you will be sure to cash in on both: "BIG MONEY PICK" The Portland Trail Blazer +165 over the... Read more

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