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Pregame Blogs

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NBA Finals Game 2 Report: Opportunity Knocked & The Magic Didn't Answer


Opportunity is like a female that both you and your friend have been wanted to get with for a very long time. Luckily for you this time she knocks on your door first, but you are sleeping or cutting the grass in the backyard and don't hear the door. Unfortunately opportunity is impatient and quickly moves on to your friend who is more than happy to take care of her.

Right now the Orlando Magic are watching opportunity play some "Bed Gammon" with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Simply put the Magic choked away Game 2 of the NBA Finals. It is one thing to lose a game when you are shooting poorly like they did in Game 1, but to lose a game strictly based off being careless with the ball has to be disheartening.

They out played the Lakers for most of the 2nd half, but every time they had a chance to put the dagger in the heart they would either turn the ball over are miss a wide open three.

Dwight Howard still seems lost out on the floor in regards on what to do when he is double team. His post moves are being exposed for what they are primitive at best. The Magic play best when Howard is functioning well offensively because it opens up everything for their shooters. Until he channels his inner Hakeem Olajuwon (which I doubt will happen anytime soon) he will struggle.

The Magic have to figure out what to do with their guards who are playing awful in this series. Rafer Alston is "Skipping Bricks", Jameer Nelson is playing like someone who has been out for four months and Courtney Lee is being abused on the defense end (you should never hear the phrase "Luke Walton is abusing you in the post"). If I was Stan Van Gundy I would bench them all and go big with Hedo & JJ Reddick at the guard spots.

With all that being said the Magic still had a perfect opportunity to win the game in regulation. Stan Van Gundy drew up a perfect play to Courtney Lee (Mike Brown is still confused by it). At first glance I thought Lee choked layup, but upon further review it was a lot harder than it looked. Add into that he only had 0.6 seconds to get up the shot I won't be too hard on him, but remember what I said about opportunity. It only knocks so many times.

As far as the Lakers they seemed to be sleep walking a bit through the game. Their defense was magnificent at times especially in regards of cutting off passing lanes and harassing Dwight Howard into turnovers. At other times they had mental lapses especially in regard to Rashard Lewis who torched them. They should consider themselves fortunate to win a game they did not play their best in, but that is what Championship teams do.

I never thought I would say this, but Lamar Odom saved the Lakers I repeat:


He put down the candy and weed long enough to keep the Lakers in the game in the 4th quarter until they were able to pull it out in OT. It is a fact when he plays well they win. You expect Kobe and Pau Gasol to show up every night, but with Odom is a strong #3 the Lakers are simply unstoppable because they just have too many options.

The reality of the situation is that the Magic are in deep trouble while the Lakers are smelling blood. Obviously Game 3 is important, but I still believe that the series will come back to LA for a Game 6.

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