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How Much Money Lost or Gained From Blown Refs Call???

Most sports books had Tennessee as a 3 point favorite as the game started at 4:15 Eastern time.  With the game tied at 10 it appeared to everyone that the play clock had ran out and a delay of game penalty would be called.  Here is the visual evidence:

Of course the penalty wasn't called and in turned the Ravens went on to kick the game winning field goal.  Covering the spread and winning the game outright.  So the question begs what if they refs made the correct call?  The scenarios are pretty simple.

1- Ravens still win either in regulation or OT and cover.

2- The Titans win in OT or regulation where they either push with a FG or win outright with a touchdown.

That is the interesting thing about gambling sometimes it comes down to one play or one call.  That is why if you do lose on something like this you can't cry over spilled milk you just have to move on to the next game because some things are just out of your control.

Speaking of how close one play can change a game what if Joe Flacco takes one more step out of the end zone?  What would have happened then?

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