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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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    01/17/2019 7:25 AM

Free Ron Artest!!!! The NBA Should Eject Themselves For Their Bias



I am starting to think that the NBA wants Ron Artest to "Table Leg" stab someone considering the unfair treatment he has been getting lately. Artest has been thrown out of two games in a row for:

1- Talking closely to Kobe Bryant.

2- Going for a block shot on Pau Gasol.

Let me repeat that. Ron Artest has been thrown out of two games for talking and attempting a block shot and before you say "well it had to be more than that Rob" just go watch the video.

Meanwhile we have seen other players bloody, pushed into scoring tables, pimp slapped in the back of the head, elbowed in the face, kneed in the face & elbowed in the neck and what is the common denominator for all of those offenders?

None of them were ejected from the game.

Ron Artest is like a husband who was caught cheating by his wife. They had a long separation, but eventually she takes him back, but she is still punishing him no matter how innocent his actions are.

If he is seen talking to a women he is cheating.

If he is on the computer he must be looking for someone to cheat with.

If he smiles he must be thinking about cheating.

We all know what Ron Artest did, but it is been five years it is time to get over it. I hear a lot of people say he gets treated the way he does because of his past, but the referee's job is not to make decisions based on a player's past, but what actually happened on the court.

Just think about it logically because Artest ran into the stands back in Detroit years ago does that mean him getting up in someone face does more harm than someone elbowing him in the neck?

It would be the equivalent of being able to shoot a convict just because you think he might rob you and be able to get away with it.

You can't have two set of you rules. Kobe Bryant has done far worse things than Ron Artest in this series, but it is Artest who has been ejected twice. Do you honestly think they would have thrown Kobe out of the game for the type of foul Artest did on Gasol?

The sad thing is it wasn't even a Flagrant 1. It was a good hard foul. He hit more ball than body.

The double standards in the NBA are ridiculous and it's no wonder why everyone thinks the games are fixed.

I should be writing about what a hard fought series the Rockets vs. Lakers has been, but instead I have to write about the horrible officiating.

David Stern needs to come down from his thrown and realize this is what makes his product so hard to watch. Get over that Napoleon complex and talk to your refs about treating every player the same. It is sad that Artest can't play with any passion or emotion for fear if he sneezes the wrong way he will get thrown out of the game.

One last point and I hope the NBA takes note of this even though Ron Artest has every right to be extremely pissed off and start stabbing refs with table legs he has been extraordinarily understanding in dealing with the bias of his situation. If it was me I would be throwing chairs Bobby Knight style, but he has been very calm and professional.

Everything the NBA has not been.

CEO of BlackSportsOnline proud graduate of The Ohio State University

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