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Okay, unlike my recent article asking why Arena Football wasn't as popular as the NFL, I know why no one likes the WNBA.  Last week one of the ladies in the WNBA actually managed to dunk the ball and it made front page headlines and the highlight films on every sports broadcast.

If there was ever a reason to dislike ladies baskets its that women, white or black, don't even jump as well as white men and we all know most white men can't jump.

But the fact that the players can't dunk the ball and that they dribble like girls doesn't mean you can't make money betting the sport.  In fact, women's baskets is far more predictable than the NBA for many of the same reasons that Arena Football is more predictable than the NFL.

The betting is thin, and that keeps the big-money wiseguys and syndicates on the sidelines when it comes to the WNBA.  The lack of smart money betting makes for lines that are farther away from being an accurate prediction of the game result.  

The women don't have the same "I am the greatest" over-inflated egos that NBA players all seem to develop.  That means that even though they can't jump, the ladies can shoot a free throw.  Unlike the men, the women usually don't feel they are so great they need to practice something as basic and mundane as sinikng a charity shot.  

In addition, unlike the men, the ladies attend to business and less to showboating which makes their performances far more predictable.  There is less worry than when one team gets out to big lead they will get lazy, blow the lead, and allow a back-door cover as you so often see in the NBA.

Finally, there is less parity between players and teams in the WNBA, making selections easier.

You don't need to like watching the game to make money betting it, and making money is what sports betting is all about.  In fact, not wanting to watch the game is like having one of those no-show construction jobs that Tony Soprano and his crew loved so much.  You get to collect the mney and you don't need to put in the time.  Your spouse will be happier, the kids will be happier, and you'll soon learn to love the exta money coming in without the aggravation of worry during the game.

Besides, if you decide to watch, you'll be amazed at how exciting even a girl dribbling a basketball can be when she has your money riding on her.

Also consider that the WNBA is played during baseball season, and nothing, not even the WNBA, is more deadly-boring to watch than baseball.    

To get you started with some of those no show winners, or to give you a a new and less boring sport to watch for the summer, I've got a Happy Ending Winner going of you in the WNBA tonight.  You can get it by CLICKING HERE.

FREEBEE:  You'll have to hurry, but take the Giants/A's game to go over 7 1/2 runs.  These two pitchers allow 25 hits & walks per game combined and that spells over the low total.  

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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