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 Once upon a time, Cockey Hockey was walking past the ice rink, when all of sudden . . . a puck smacked him right in the puss.  Immediately, Cockey Hockey ran to Goosey Loosey's house and proclaimed,  "Goosey Loosey you must come quick!  The pucks are flying, the pucks are flying."

Then Goosey Loosey and Cockey Hockey ran to Ducky Lucky house.  "Ducky Lucky!  Ducky Lucky! The pucks are flying, the pucks are flying!" cried Cockey Hockey and Goosey Loosey in unison.  

Then Goosey Loosey, Cockey Hockey and Ducky Lucky went to Piggy Wiggy's house.  "Piggy Wiggy, Piggy Wiggy, let us in," they all cried.  But Piggy Wiggy had bought Rob Crowne hockey pick and he already knew the pucks are flying along with Piggy Wiggy's bankroll, and Piggy Wiggy was superstitious, so he wouldn't let the silly Cockey Hockey, Goosey Loosey and Ducky Lucky in.  "Not by the money I'm about to win!" called out Piggy Wiggy.

"Then we'll huff and we'll puff and we'll blow your house in," said the three outside.  But Piggy Wiggy wouldn't open the door, so Cockey Hockey, Goosey Loosey and Ducky Lucky huffed, and they puffed and they huffed and they puffed, and they huffed and they puffed, but they couldn't blow Piggy Wiggy's house in.  

Then they heard Piggy Wiggy singing inside to the tune of "If you knew Suzie."

If you knew Hockey
Like Rob knows Hockey
Oh, How. . .                                                                                                                                                        How rich you'd be.

Piggy Wiggy had been buying Rob Crowne's hockey selections and he had become so rich that he built his house of bricks and all the huffing and all the puffing of Cockey Hockey, Goosey Loosey, and Ducky Luckey all together couldn't blow it in.  

If you think that story is hard to believe, you haven't been reading the stories told by touts at those other websites around the internet.  

The Moral of he Story is:  CLICK HERE to sign on for Rob Crowne's All Access, and in addition to all my picks in college and pro football, you'll also get everythng the Crowne Club puts out in basketball, Canadian Football, and hockey.  Some guys give you All Access to their Football.   Some guys give you All Access to their basketball.   With others it's Hockey.  With All Access to the Crowne Club selections you get winners in all sports from two sources -- me, Rob Crowne, and the best and most consistent of the professional gambling syndicates betting sports.  It's like getting All Access to two services for the price of just one.  Once again CLICK HERE.

Last night our Wonderful Wonday play gave out Tennessee, continuing our winning SWEEP.  Our baseball selection was postponed in a tie due to rain and will complete tonight if the rain ever stops.

To introduce you to the quality of our hockey selections, here's ROB CROWNE'S TWO FOR TUESDAY, with a selection on a 9:00 PM Eastern time total and a 10:00 PM side tonight.  

COLORADO has averaged 3.75 goals per game on the road, and allowed 3.75 goals per game to the competiton.  Calgary has averaged 3.5 goals per game at home and allowed 3.5 goals to the competition.  Take the COLORADO/CALGARY game to go OVER the total of 5 1/2 goals.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have scored on only 7.8% of their shots on the road, compared to San Jose's average of 11.2% at home.  Add to that the fact that San Jose has managed 26% more shots per game.  More shots with a higher success rate on those shots adds up to a win for San Jose.  Add to that the fact that Pittsburgh hasn't managed to single goal on a Power Play while San Jose has scored on 44% of its Power Plays, and you have the makings of a romp.  The true odds should be -240 and the posted odds are only -175.  Take SAN JOSE -175 to do a Mexican hat dance around the Penguins tonight.

And don't forget to CLICK HERE for ALL ACCESS to the Crowne Club selections for a week or a month.

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