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 Only this play is good enough to be a follow up to my NFL Hall of Fame Game of the Year.  

You didn't fall for that game-name thing again did you?  Of course my selection in the NFL game tonight between Green Bay and Denver is my "NFL FRIDAY NIGHT GREEN BAY/DENVER DRESS REHEARSAL TOTAL PLAY OF THE YEAR"
There is only one Dress Rehearsal Game being played between Green Bay and Denver this year, the other stuff is extraneous except for the qualification that this is the total.  I also have a side play on the game.  Of course, that's my NFL FRIDAY NIGHT GREEN BAY/DENVER DRESS REHEARSAL SIDE PLAY GAME OF THE YEAR

Actually neither play is very big, even though they are both the best plays I'll see in the Green Bay/Denver matchup, but I'll give you the selection on the total anyway.  TAKE THE GAME TO GO OVER 38 1/2.

Our information is that Green Bay has prepared for this game as if it were a real regular season contest.  They have a game plan, and they looked at films of Denver.  When teams do that in the preseason it is usually an indication that they want to win.  Green Bay is 0-2 so far this preseason.  Defensively they have allowed 20 points and 34 points in their first two games.  

Head Coach Mike Shanahan of Denver usually tries in Preseason and the probability is that he will have Jay Cutler in the game for at least the first half, although nothing official has been announced.  Cutler has an outstading 80% completion rate so far this preason, averaging almost 8 yards per attempt.  His rating is 110.  

Look for Green Bay's offense to finally break out, and even if they don't, their defense should allow Cutler to score over 30 points by himself.    .

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