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I promised a pick package play in the NFL today, but all I had until very late were small plays.  When selling individual plays I donn't like to put up anything but stronger plays.  I put up on Pregame's free pick page a play on Tennessee -3, and here is the late play from the Wall Street Bankers Syndicate  - take Tennessee to go over 33. 

Tennesseee will be playing Vince YOUng and the starters into the second quarter.  When that happens in the first game of the season, its a clear indication that the coach wants to win.  In Preseason play the coach that wants to win usually will win.  St Louis coach Linehan is only 3-5 SU in preseason play, and that includes a 1-3 in his first season with St. Louis -- a situation in which most coaches want to win.  

St Louis has a new offensive coordinator, Al Saunders, who has a history of coaching high scoring offenses at Kansas City, with an emphasis on passing.  The 3rd stringers, Berlin and Gradkowski are in a competion for the #3 spot.  Whichever one goes tonight will be playing hard in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Comnbine that with the starters and QB Vince Young being in the game for most of the first half for Tennessee, and we should see the game sail over the low 33 point total.

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