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by Rob Crowne

© Rob Crowne Assoc., February 7, 2012


New Jersey has never had a good reputation, and the Super Bowl Champ Giants are out to prove it. 

The Giants deserted New York in 1976 to move to a fancier stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but for the next 35 years they continued to claim to be the NEW YORK GIANTS

Today, the Giants victory parade will proceed up Broadway in New York City, and not in East Rutherford.  The mayor of East Rutherford didn’t make a bet with the mayor of Boston on the outcome of he Super Bowl.  It was the Mayor Bloomberg of New York City who made a bet with the mayor of Boston.     

What other State is so bad that their sports teams want to pretend they are from someplace else?   New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offered to pay for a Giants Victory Parade, but the Giants gave Christie the same answer that the Gov gave the Republican Party when they begged for him to enter the Presidential race – “Thanks but no thanks.”  My attitude is that if the Giants want to play in New Jersey, let them parade through the swamp in the home of the Toxic Avenger, “The First Super Hero From NJ.” 

In 1987, NYC Mayor Koch refused to use NYC taxpayer money to pay for a Giants Victory Parade, declaring the Giants to be “foreigners.”   Koch had the right idea.  New Jersey gets all the tax money from ticket sales, all the tax money from stadium food and souvenirs, all the property tax money from the Stadium, and all the income taxes from the Stadium, the team, the players and the personnel, not to mention that New Jersey gets all the jobs at Giants Stadium.  The Giants organization doesn’t contribute anything to the City of New York.  All they do is steal New York’s name and reputation.  So why should the taxpayers of New York pay the estimated $400,000 expense for a parade? 

It doesn’t matter if you won the Super Bowl.  If you are not from the Big Apple, then you’re nobody.  The Giants have spent long enough as New York wannabes.  It’s about time they built a stadium in New York if they want ticker-tape parades in New York, and if they want to use New York’s name. 

Notice, I didn’t say anything about the taxpayers in New York paying for or subsidizing the stadium.  That sort of thing should be left to municipalities that need a team.  The Big Apple doesn’t need the Giants; the Giants obviously need New York. 

The Giants are a profit-making business.  They charge the fans so much money that the average family can’t afford to go to a game, even if there were tickets ever available for a game.  There are no tickets to be had except from people scalping season tickets in the parking lot on the day of the game.   There is no reason for the taxpayers to be providing welfare to the Giants organization. 

I won’t be attending any victory parades for the Giant deserters until they either move back to New York, or Eli Manning marries Giselle and takes her along in the parade.   

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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