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I-I-I-I-I-I'M B-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-CK (Plus UCLA/Tennessee)

 I was off in London for a few days for a whirlwind tour.  I pressed the flesh with endless cockney floozies in the tube, ate fish and chips,  bangers and mash, roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding (which is really some sort of bread and not pudding at all), steak and kidney pie, and English breakfast with brown-colored Brown Sauce.

London was horribly humid, ridiculously crowded, grimy, gloomy and grey.  There was no style and very little chic.  But the people were extremely nice, particularly those who weren't rude.  Much nicer than people in most big cities in the U.S.   I watched a Punch and Judy show and a game of Rugby.  

I know, you never realized I was missing.  So much for, "You'll miss me when I'm gone."  Anyway, now I'm back, and in honor of my return I'm going to give you an analysis of the total in the UCLA - Tennessee game tonight.  

UCLA's first string QB Olson, and their #2 QB Cowan are both out.  Third string QB Craft will be behind center tonight.  Craft is unfamiliar with the UCLA offense, having played in Junior College and then at SD State, and now getting his first start at UCLA.  

On the other side of the ball, star Tennessee QB Erik Ainge is gone to the NFL. He will be replaced by Jonathan Crompton.  Crompton's only other start for the Vols was two years ago.  It's never easy to step into the shoes of a star, particularly for the first time on the road.  

UCLA returns only 9 starters, but one of those is QB Olson, who is out.  There will be only 8 of last year's starters on the field for the Bruins.  In a game with two new QB's, one of whom is a third-stringer, it doesn't appear there will be much scoring tonight.

Winning has a great deal to do with not losing.   Sometimes it is as important to know which bets to stay away from as it is to know which bets to make.  The line in this game is a low 46, but the "over" is far from a safe bet.   Don't be fooled.  


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