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I've examined your complaints about all the Games of the Year, and I think I've finally figured out what you all want.  THIS IS IT!  

First, what this is NOT!
It is NOT a CBI Championship Game of the Year.
It is NOT a Final Four Game of the Year
It is NOT my Big East Conference Saturday Final Four Game of the Year
It is NOT my Thrusday West Division NBA Springtime Game of the Year for rainy days


That's right, this is the very best Game of the Year I expect to see out of all my Games of the Year this year.  That includes college and pro football Games of the Year, college and pro basketball Games of the Year, hockey Games of the Year, baseball Games of the Year, and even WNBA Games of the Year.  It also includes Games of the Year for sides, totals, favorites, underdogs, daytime,  night time, days when the sun is shining, and days when it is cloudy.  It is better than my Games of the Year in every division of every sport, and every NCAA conference in every sport.  Games put out by me, and plays of the Wall Street Syndicate.  It is better than all my 1000% Never-Lost Games for the day, my Inside Information games, my million star games, my Big Beast games, my Bookie Bashers, my Plenitful Punishers, and my Off-shore Offenders.  Games of every size and every rating.  

I can't make it any clearer.  This game IS the BEST.  The one and only.  The mother and father of all big games.  It's MY GAME OF THE YEAR OF ALL GAMES OF THE YEAR.  

So how can you buy it?  You can't. But I will give it to you for FREE.  Why?  Because this game of all games will make my reputation, that's why.  I want as many people as possible to be talking about excitedly tonight and tomorrow.  

Expect a 40+ point cover.  It will be a no doubt winner half way through the first quarter.  It will be posted somewhere on my pick page at exactly 6:04 PM Eastern time today. 

A word of warning.  You will want to be among the first to get and bet this game. Crowne Club members and monthly subscribers will get the game first, but once all the money starts to come into the system from the thousands of Pregame readers who will get the game for free, the spread could move by as much as 5 points.  That kind of line move would make this merely a regular Game of the Year, so be careful.   Don't try to buy your way to the front by calling to subscribe before 6:04.  Anyone subscribing today will not start until tomorrow, so that will do you no good.

Normally, my Games of the Year are rated at 2.5 units.  This game, at the original line I post you can bet it for 5 units.  If it moves 2-3 points against you, lower your play to 3 units.  At 5 points away from the posted line, lower it to 2.5 units (normal Game of the Year).  Should it move more than 5 points against you, just make it a normal 2 unit BEST BET.  

Now CLICK HERE and bookmark my pick  page so you can get back to it at 6:04, and for everday for extra free picks and great pay picks too.
DON'T MISS IT!  CLICK HERE at 6:04.  Better yet, get there early and start refreshing your screen at 6:03 and 30 seconds.  Press F-5 to be sure the screen is renewed.  

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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