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That leprachaun laddie, Barry O'Bama, gave his first press conference today, just 3 days after he won the election.  That's not bad considering President Wimpy didn't hold his first press conference for 3 YEARS after he was elected, and then it was to tell us all about how he,  Georgie Porgie, would  single-handedly bring Osama Bin Laden, of the Bush business partner Bin Laden's, to justice.  Oh, well.

It was an auspicious start for Barry.  He's such a newbie he somehow didn't realize that the President Elect doesn't have an office, and in fact there is no such title as President Elect.  He's still Senator O'Bama until January 20.  Nevertheless, he, or someone on his staff, plastered a sign on the lectern where the U.S. Seal would reside when the President gives a press conference.  The sign said, "Office of the President Elect."  

I've got news for Barry, the President Elect doesn't have an "Office."   In this case Sen. Obama has an office in the Senate building, and that was not where the press conference was being held.  Talk about ego.  So what's next in the bad taste department?  Bling ala Rev. Al?  

Anyway, such is the state of the United States that everyone wants Obama to take over yesterday.  He put at end to that by stating repeatedly to reporters' questions, "I'm not the President yet," and "the responsibility is still with the current adminsitration."  Who can blame him?  I wouldn't take responsibility for this mess before I had to either.  "Let George take the blame"  is a winning philosophy and we're all on our own until January 20.  I suspect, however, that George may well be taking the blame long after January 20.  No tears here -- Wimpy deserves it.  

In the interest of helping everyone out until we get finally get an intellligent, if inexperienced, leader into office, here's a free pick for tonight.  Take Nevada -2 1/2 over Fresno State.  

These two teams are equally matched, except when it comes to Nevada's defensive line, which averages a huge 3 sacks per game on the road, compared to Fresno's defense, which has not been able to sack the opposition even once when playing at home this season.  That, combined with Nevada's ability to force 2 fumbles per game, and Fresno's inability to force a single fumble by opponent's at Fresno, is enough to cover the 2-pt spread.

I lost the last football package pick.  What can I say?  It happens.  But the record is still 11-2, 84% on the streak.  Nevertheless, to make up for the loss,  the strong total in the football game tonight is just $5-- less than a latte at Starbucks or a Hagen Daz ice cream cone.  .

To get the Stronger Total on the game to go with this side for only $5.00 CLICK HERE

We've also got the very first selections of the Wall Street Syndicate in Basketball.  You can get the SIDE & TOTAL IN ONE OF THE LATE STARTS by CLICKING HERE.

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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