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 While all those guys you should never have elected play politics with the economy and $700 Billion on the line, I'm starting a grass roots campaign.  Forget about bail outs for Wall Street gamblers.  I say, $700 Billon to bail out sports gamblers.  

In the debate on Friday, neither Obama nor McCain had anything meaningful to say about the bail out.  Isn't it amazing how politicians can avoid answering even the simplest question?

In case you missed it, Jim Lehrer asked the candidates, "Are you in favor of the bill authorizing the government to provide $700 Billion to purchase mortgage securities from the banks and other institutions?"  All the question required was a smiple "yes" or "no."  What we got was 5 minutes of qualifications and pontifications from the candidates.

Sometimes its nice to be a lame duck.  On Friday morning, President Bush gave a great speech.  He came across like a fearless leader.  That's because he no longer needs to worry about being unpopular.  He's already so unpopular they didn't even invite him to speak at the Republican convention.  In fact, the Republicans have a secret -- Dubya is their party leader.  Bush got on TV and exhibiting extreme bravery, he actually took a stand.  "We need this bill to rescue the economy," he said.  "By its nature, Congress moves slowly, but we will get agreement."  With that, he confidently walked off.  Our "Bail-outs for Sports Gamblers"  group is lobbying the fearless leader right now.

We can't rely on John McCain to bail out us sports bettors.  McCain hates sports betting.  If he gets to be President, even Las Vegas agrees that he will do everything possible to get rid of sports betting.  

All the way back in 2005, in one of the most prophetic public statements ever made, sports book manager Jimmy Vaccaro said, "I don't ever, ever think, barring John McCain being president of the United States -- even with him being president -- that they ban betting on college sports."  Note, Vaccaro said that over 3-years ago. A bookmaker with a crystal ball like that is exactly why sports bettors need a bail out to prevent the sports betting industry from going under.  If bookmakers can't collect, they can't buy Cadillacs and Lincolns.  Workers will laid off and won't be able to pay their mortgages.  The banks will fail and the entire economy will tank.  In a year, the U.S. will look like Delhi, India, all because sports bettors cannot pay their books.

In the debates, Barry H. Obama did not show me the gumption necessary for an unequivocal bail out of any gamblers, Wall Street, or Sports Beat.  So its all up to the new courageous Dubya.

Let's get rid of term limits, I say.  Chant after me, EIGHT MORE YEARS!  EIGHT MORE YEARS!

If you need a bail out quicker than it will take for our campaign to make Dubya our first President for Life,  I have a HAPPY ENDING SUNDAY NIGHT NFL GAME OF THE MONTH BAIL OUT PACKAGE that you can get by CLICKING HERE.  My Sunday Night Happy Ending Packages have swept the board this season so far.  The selections are 5-0.  We're going for 6-0 tonight with the best Sunday Night Side all month.  Don't forget CLICK HERE TO WIN.

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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