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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Enough of meaningless all star games that look more like Harlem Globetrotter exhibitions than actual games.  Enough of the showboating and pretending to play.  Why even call what goes on in the NBA and NHL All Star silliness a game? 

At last, we once again have the MLB All Star Game .  It may not be quite the same as a real game, but at least you know the pitcher won’t be throwing powder puffs so the batter can look good, and the runners won’t be doing jigs to taunt the other side just before stepping on each base, and the catcher won't be doing his "throw the ball up and catch it in his hat" trick while the runner is sliding into home.

Since 2003, the result of the All Star Game has determined the home field advantage in the World Series.  Granted, home field means less in baseball than in basketball or football, and free agency has done a good job of destroying any team and league pride or loyalty.  In addition, there will be players on the field from teams that are already virtual impossibilities for the World Series and who therefore likely won’t have any interest whatever in the World Series home field edge.

I have to believe, however, that even the most disloyal or disinterested player will feel some responsibility to the others in his league. Players from teams that are contenders should have a definite interest in the All Star Game result.

Whatever the level of intensity the World Series home field prize brings about, it is certainly better than no incentive to win the All Star Game at all.  No player wants to be criticized for simply showboating the way they do in the NBA, instead of working to help his league. 

Sure, the best record is the best way to determine home field edge, but it was never that way in baseball.  Before 2003, the leagues simply alternated home field edge from year to year.  Using the All Star Game to determine home field is certainly better than that.

Kudos to Major League Baseball for turning the All Star Exhibition into a much more interesting All Star Game in which the players must at least pretend to be playing to win.  

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