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What Dez Bryant Can Teach Gamblers? (TiSB Podcast)

CEO RJ Bell guest hosts Today in Sports Betting. Dan is away this week, giving RJ a chance to test out the new podcast he will be soon starting. In addition to Dez Bryant, the following topics are discussed:

* the value of ESPN experts
* the requirement of a flexible mind for a handicapper
* the fallacy of only looking at won - loss records
* cognitive dissonance is discussed.

>>> CLICK to listen to What Dez Bryant Can Teach Gamblers podcast

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> Like of interest: Cognitive Dissonance in Wikipedia

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Tuesday Show: Meet Johnny Detroit!

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  • Straight from Vegas ...

RJ Bell is the founder of – a two-time INC. 5000 company, as well as the largest American digital media organization covering Las Vegas news and odds. Pregame is the exclusive odds provider... Read more

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