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Press Highlights for is the most quoted sports betting news site in the world. Founder & CEO RJ Bell is the only sports bettor on Forbes' recent list of Gambling Gurus and has been called "a true insider" by ESPN, "incredibly astute" by AOL and a "point-spread maven" by USA Today. has been featured on CBS News with Katie Couric, ABC News with Charles Gibson, Nightline, Sportscenter, Outside the Lines (ESPN), First Take (ESPN2), Mike & Mike, Colin Cowherd, Jim Rome, Dan Patrick,,, Yahoo, and in the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, LA Times,, Bloomberg, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated.

CNBC special on Gambling featured show headquarters

NFL 2011

Bloomberg quotes and RJ Bell on NFL betting handle figures. 750 million in Nevada alone last year. (7/21/11)

College Football 2011

Colin Cowherd quotes college football preseason odds from RJ Bell and (7/19/2011 - click to listen)

NFL Draft 2011

ESPN's Mike & Mike show features 1st round odds from RJ Bell! (4/27/2011 - LISTEN HERE 23 minute mark)

NBA 2010-2011

ESPN's Chad Millman quotes odds on the Mavs amazing ATS run. (5/10/2011) features's list of big Lakers losses (2/17/2011)

USA Today features stats on how big NBA favorites have done (2/17/2011)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller features stats on Lakers loss to Cavs (2/17/11)

ESPN's Mike & Mike show features preseason NBA odds from RJ Bell! (10/26/2010 - LISTEN HERE)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller features preseason NBA odds from (10/26/2010)

Bloomberg features and RJ Bell in story on LeBron James' return to Cleveland. (12/01/2010)

Business Insider features RJ Bell's approach to handicapping the NBA after trades (2/25/2011)

Super Bowl and Playoffs - 2011

RJ Bell appears on ESPN2's FIRST TAKE television show the morning of the Super Bowl - Watch Here

Super Bowl XLVI odds from quoted on the Mike & Mike national radio show on ESPN - Listen Here

RJ Bell appears on FOX BUSINESS NETWORK, interviewed by host Gerri Willis (2/4/2011) reporting featured in a FOX BUSINESS NETWORK interview with author Jeff Ma (airing 4 times around Super Bowl)

USA Today quotes reporting on Super Betting betting results in Nevada (2/9/2011) uses reporting on Super Betting results in Nevada. (2/8/2011)

Bloomberg quotes on Super Bowl betting official results (2/8/2011) carries reporting on the National Anthem betting controversy (2/7/2011)

USA Today carries early Super Bowl XLVI odds from (2/7/2011)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller carries 2012 Super Bowl odds from (2/7/2011) carries 2012 Super Bowl odds from (2/7/2011) features - $11 Billion lost by bettors worldwide (2/3/2011)

RJ Bell appears on the ESPN National Radio with host John Kincade (1/30/2011) features tons of Super Bowl Props from (1/31/2011)

Yahoo carries Top 5 Prop bets from (1/2/2011) features slideshow of 10 top prop bets from (2/2/2011)

USA Today carries stat that Vegas 7-0 picking Steelers Super Bowls (2/3/2011)

ESPN Los Angeles radio, talking Super Bowl betting (LISTEN HERE - starts at 17:30 mark)

Bloomberg quotes CEO RJ Bell on expected Super Bowl handle (1/24/2011) and (1/28/2011)

Dallas Morning News features heavily in their Super Bowl coverage (2/1/2011)

Fox Sport's Ben Maller features more Super Bowl reporting (2/2/2011)

USA Today carries our early Super Bowl lines (1/21/2011)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller carries our True Super Bowl odds entering the Conference Championship games.

Odds of two 6-seeds making the Super Bowl carried by Bloomberg and Fox Sports' Ben Maller.

Bloomberg features first round Super Bowl odds (1/6/2011)

Forbes features second round Super Bowl odds (1/11/11)

Football 2010

Chad Millman interviews founder RJ Bell on this ESPN podcast (40 minutes!) LISTEN

Bloomberg uses odds on team's chances to make playoffs entering Week 17 (12/28/2010) and again (12/29/2010)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller features Week 17 playoff scenarios odds from (12/30/2010)

Politico quotes odds on Week 17 playoff scenarios (12/30/2010)

Listed as one of only three "sites I Like" by ESPN's Chad Millman (10/22/2010)

Listed as a leading site for bet percent data by ESPN's Chad Millman (11/29/2010)

Associated Press carries reporting on Texas being a historic home underdog - carried by USA Today, Forbes, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Fan House, LA Times, ABC News, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo, Rivals, Big Ten Network. See story at

Associated Press carries reporting on USC being a historic home underdog - carried by ESPN, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, and Washington Post. See story at

Associated Press carries reporting on BYU being a historic underdog - carried by, AOL, Forbes, Washington Post, Salon, and 100+ other sites and newspapers. See story at

Associated Press carries reporting on USC being a historic underdog - carried by Fox News, Huffington Post, Denver Post, AOL, Forbes, Washington Post, Salon, and 100+ other sites and newspapers. See story at

Bloomberg features and RJ Bell in story on betting results of college football upsets. (10/28/2010)

Bloomberg features and RJ Bell in story on spread swing in Giants/Cowboys game. (11/12/2010)

ESPN 710 radio in Los Angeles. RJ Bell is their Las Vegas odds expert, appearing weekly on broadcast (with his own theme song!). Listen to Oct 1, 2010 show.

2010 World Series

Bloomberg quotes odds for the Yankees (10/22/2010)

March Madness 2010

Colin Cowherd from ESPN radio quotes RJ Bell's bracket rules. Click to Listen - talking March Madness betting with Vegas Runner (3/10/10)

USA Today - Vegas is better predictor than bracket seeds (3/16/10)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller - Odds of a perfect bracket (3/16/10)

Super Bowl XLIV

TV: ESPN's "First Take" - RJ Bell appears live, talking Super Bowl betting props (2/4/10)

USA Today National Print Edition. Front Page of Sports section. (2/1/10) - online version

ESPN's Mike and Mike radio show quotes (2/3/10) - LISTEN

Doug Gottlieb interviews RJ Bell on his ESPN national radio show - talking Super Bowl Betting (2/5/10) - LISTEN Sportsnation Poll features props! (2/3/10) Super Bowl Betting article featuring (2/5/10)

USA Today: Colts getting all the early action (1/26/10)

USA Today: Prop bet overview (2/1/10)

USA Today: Biggest Bet Super Bowl ever (2/3/10)

Bloomberg: Highest scoring Super Bowl ever? (1/29/10)

Forbes: Craziest Prop bets (2/3/09)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller - Props (2/3/10) and amount bet on Super Bowl (2/4/10) and Popular Prop winners (2/8/10)

USA Today blogs - Vegas has won 17 of 19 Super Bowls (2/4/10)

USA Today blogs - Popular Prop results (2/8/10)

RJ Bell on the AOL Fanhouse podcast, talking Super Bowl betting (2/4/10) - LISTEN

Colin Cowherd quotes on Super Bowl XLV odds: CLICK TO LISTEN

USA Today blogs - Super Bowl XLV odds (2/9/10)

ESPN's Chad Millman writes about breakfast with RJ Bell and Vegas Runner: ArticlePicture

2010 NFL Playoffs:

USA Today: Odds to win the Super Bowl (1/22/09)

Forbes - Preseason odds compared to odds before conference championship (1/22/10)

Fox Sports' Ben Maller - Odds to win Super Bowl + Saints over/under (1/22/09)

ESPN calls RJ Bell a "sports betting info genius" in Chad Millman's column (1/15/09)

Bloomberg: Odds of Jets having home playoff game (1/14/2010) 

Tiger Woods Press Conference (2/19/10)

NBC Sports


Ben Maller of Fox Sports

2009 Football Season

ESPN The Magazine. December 2009 issue. RJ Bell talking NFL. See scan of cover & quote article on Bowl Betting (12/29/09), with insights from Vegas Runner. Featured on ESPN homepage! See article.

ESPN TV: "First Take" 12/4/2009 (Colts/Saints odds) - Watch RJ's Interview

ESPN TV: "Outside the Lines" 9/6/2009 (Point Shaving) - Watch RJ's Interview

Colin Cowherd Radio Show (12/17/2009) - Thanks for the holiday gift basket we sent the show as a thank you for using so much of our orginal reporting - LISTEN

Colin Cowherd Radio Show (11/12/2009) - Vegas splitting results down middle - LISTEN (Colin calls "the largest sports betting news site compliant with US Law")

Colin Cowherd Radio Show (11/16/2009) - Belichick's 4th Down Decision - LISTEN

Weekly sports gambling guest on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles (Mason & Ireland drive-time show) - Friday 4:00 pt

Regular sports betting column for - Chad Millman - 12/9/09 - called RJ Bell a "sports betting info guru" - Chad Millman - 12/6/09 features betting numbers on Alabama/Texas game - and mentions Vegas Runner again. (1/6/010)

ESPN The Magazine - 10/7/09 - called "site that's full of the kind of sophisticated analytics you'd expect to find analysts at The Fed running, only it's all applied to making smart plays on games."

Bloomberg: Boise State odds vs. Texas or Alamama (1/5/09)

Fox Sports - Heisman Trophy odds (12/14/2009)

Fox Sports - Ben Maller's Column (Nov 12, 2009) - Vegas spliting results down the middle

9/18/09: "America's Morning News" on the National Talk Radio Network, talking NFL kickoff.

Saints/Colts Going Undefeated?

SportsNation - ESPN TV (12/4/09) - Tweet talking about quote

Mike & Mike - ESPN National Radio (11/19/09) - LISTEN

Wall Street Journal (12/4/09)

Wall Street Journal (12/18/2009)

Bloomberg (Nov 27, 2009)

The Washington Times - Colts/Saints undefeated odds (Dec 2, 2009)

Ben Maller from Fox Sports - Colts/Saints undefeated odds with 3 games to go (Dec 17, 2009)

World Series 2009:

Bloomberg (October 16, 2009)

Bloomberg (Oct 26, 2009)

Bloomberg (Nov 4, 2009)

Effect of NBA Replacement Referees:

AOL Fanhouse

USA Today 

The return of Brett Farve to the NFL: twice in one day! (#1; #2)

College Football Preseason 2009 Ben Maller's college sports rumors (8/10/09 and 8/11/09)

ESPN Sports Nation with Colin Cowherd (see his Tweet about the on air mention) Chad Millman's Blog (see article)

Guest on ESPN 710 in LA (Mason & Ireland drive-time show) - 8/12/09 (podcast of show)

NFL Preseason 2009

Front page of Fox Sports and MSNBC (read)

USA Today (#1; #2)

Ben Maller's NFL Rumors on (9/10/09)

Academic Study from Harvard Law School:

Contributor to award winning paper titled: "Preventing Gaming-Fixing: Sports Books as Information Markets" (view)

Toledo Point Shaving (May 2009)

Guest on "Outside the LInes" on ESPN (watch video)

USA Today (Print Edition) - May 7, 2009 (Section C, page 2) - web version

Dan Patrick's national radio show (listen) - starting at the 26 minute mark feature story (page 1; page 2)

March Madness 2009:

CNBC (watch | blog #1 | blog #2 | blog #3)

Mike & Mike: 3/17/09 (listen)

ESPN radio: Los Angeles 710am (3/30/09)

ESPN radio: John Kincade national (4/5/09)

USA Today (#1 | #2 | #3 | #4)

Bloomberg (#1 | #2 | #3)

Fox Sports

Fox News


Business Week

Voice of America

China Post

and a Columbia stat professor's blog!

Super Bowl 2009:

ESPN First Take (watch)
Also mentioned on ESPN's "First Take" on 1/23/09.

Jim Rome Show (watch)

Mike & Mike ESPN National Radio [three times]
(watch) | (listen) leading off hour | (listen) 30 minute, 45 second mark

Especially nice that Mike & Mike said: "Our friend RJ Bell is the guy with all the odds"

ESPN National radio with Doug Gottlieb (listen)
starting at the 88 minute mark


Fox Sports (#1; #2)

Forbes (#1; #2)

Bloomberg (#1; #2)


Kissing Suzy Kolber



NY Daily News

New York Magazine


AOL Fan House (#1; #2)

Nice that AOL called RJ Bell: "incredibly astute"

USA Today blogs (#1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6)

Pre-2009 Selected Highlights:

ABC News w/ Charles Gibson (watch)
ESPN's Sports Center (watch)
CNBC (watch)
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Associated Press
CBS News
Washington Post
Business Week
Sporting News
Sports Illustrated

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