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NFL Draft 2010: Betting Odds

The 2010 NFL Draft is almost here, and Las Vegas has created interesting betting odds. The 2010 draft order is set, mock NFL drafts done by Mel Kiper, draft rankings created, prospects combine tested, and draft rumors circulated – but in the end, betting odds – because they are backed with hard cash - speak loudest.

2010 NFL Draft Betting Odds

Where will Tim Tebow be drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft
1st Round 5 to 1 (20%)
2nd Round 3 to 1 (33%)
3rd Round 6 to 1 (17%)
4th Round 7 to 1 (14%)
5th Round 15 to 1 (7%)
6th Round 20 to 1 (5%)
7th Round 25 to 1 (4%)
Not Drafted 100 to 1 (1%)

Jimmy Clausen - What Will his Draft Pick Position Be
9th or better OR 10th or worse

Eric Berry - What Will his Draft Pick Position Be
6th or better OR 7th or worse

Dez Bryant - What Will his Draft Pick Position Be
11th or better OR 12th or worse

Joe Haden - What Will his Draft Pick Position Be
12th or better OR 13th or worse

Russell Okung - What Will his Draft Pick Position Be
40% 4th or better
60% 5th or worse

Number of Quarter Backs taken in Round One
80% chance OVER 2
20% chance 2 OR LESS

Number of Running Backs taken in Round One
75% chance OVER 1.5
25% chance UNDER 1.5

Number of Wide Receivers and Tight Ends taken in Round One
40% chance OVER 2.5
60% chance Under 2.5

Number of Offensive Linemen taken in Round One
55% chance Over 6.5
45% chance Under 6.5

Number of Defensive Tackles taken in Round One
30% Over 4.5
70%Under 4.5

Number of Defensive Ends taken in Round One
50% chance Over 3.5
50% chance Under 3.5

Which Player Will Get Drafted before the other:

Ndamukong Suh (80%) over Gerald McCoy (20%)

Talk about the NFL Draft 2010 odds at Pregame Forums.

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