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Bookies Win Millions, Bettors Lose on Bad Steelers Call

An Estimated $64 Million Swing in Favor of Bookies 
Las Vegas (November 16, 2008) - The Pittsburgh Steelers were 5 point favorites over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. As time expired, the Steelers scored a touchdown to put them up by 7, with the extra point pending. Then came a video review. The official initially announced the ruling on the field was upheld and the touchdown counted. But the officiating crew huddled again and changed the call - taking the points off the board without explanation. The game was ended with Pittsburgh the 11 to 10 winner. Pittsburgh bettors lost. After the game, the official admitted that a mistake was made, and the touchdown should have counted.

An estimated 100 million dollars was wagered worldwide on the Pittsburgh/San Diego game, according to RJ Bell of Approximately 66% of that money was on the Steelers; with only 34% on the Chargers.

"If the touchdown was properly upheld, Steelers bettors would have won about 32 million dollars instead of losing big. This admittedly incorrect call resulted in a 64 million dollar swing in favor of the bookies," said RJ Bell of

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About RJ Bell of
RJ Bell, president of, has been featured on CBS News with Katie Couric, ABC News with Charles Gibson, Nightline, Sportscenter, Outside the Lines (ESPN), First Take (ESPN2),, ESPN National Radio, Yahoo,, and in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Associated Press, Sports Illustrated, LA Times,, Maxim, and Forbes.
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RJ Bell is the founder of – a two-time INC. 5000 company, as well as the largest American digital media organization covering Las Vegas news and odds. Pregame is the exclusive odds provider... Read more

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