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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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The Vegas Life is great and on Sunday RJ, Tom and myself were all at the M Resort watching the NFL Games. You all know watching the our weekly podcast that RJ loves busting my balls. So if you watched this week's Podcast you know my pick was the Ravens (+2.5) against the Vikings. RJ liked the other side and on air took me up on my offer to Bet $500 on the Game. So in basically no time at all Minnesota is up 14-0 and RJ... Read more

This is why there is no such thing as a CAN'T LOSE GAME. On Saturday Night I released a 10* Play to my clients. I don't like to use the L word but in our business it's a very popular marketing word. The L word I'm referring to is the word LOCK. It gives the notion the game can't lose it's a cinch, Money in the Bank or whatever other cliche you want to throw out there. I made my Biggest Play of the Day and week on Arizona... Read more

The World Series of Poker Main Event is done for now as the Final Table is set or as ESPN refers to them "The November Nine". The executives at ESPN have to be doing Cartwheels and high fives as this Final Table is a dream come true for ratings. First the Final Table has Phil Ivey who is arguably the Best Player in Poker which will have everyone tuned in just to watch him play. But the big story is Darvin Moon and he... Read more

The Stare No One Wants to See Phil Ivey is regarded by many including me to be the best all around Poker Player in the World. You can always find Phil Ivey in the highest Cash Games in the world whether it be online at Full Tilt Poker or in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. Ivey has always preferred Cash Games rather than tournaments as he has said that sometimes he gets bored in tournaments and loses focus. He would rather... Read more

Vegas Life Sickest hand of Poker Well guys it was the weekend before the All Star Break so I had some extra time to enjoy the Vegas Lifestyle. Hung out at my pool went to dinner with my finance. But I also had plenty of time for some quality poker time. Played in a 50 player Tournament at the M over the weekend and well let's say I'm Steamrolling the Final Table as I eliminate 2 players in one hand leaving me the chip... Read more

Reflections from the Weekend that was.. Great Sports Weekend once again and no better place to be than Las Vegas! Friday Night hit the Bellagio to play cards with RJ and destroy the Bellagio Buffet once again. The best Buffet in Las Vegas! You never know who you will see at the Bellagio but this weekend it was Mark Cuban and several of his Dallas Maverick players hitting the tables. It's always a who's who of celebrities... Read more

Is there a more exciting city than Las Vegas? You can never be bored in Vegas that's for sure. Well I have a funny story from the weekend here in Vegas. I head down to the Bellagio on Saturday to place my wagers on the Elite 8 Games and to play poker while I watch the Games. I'm going to be meeting RJ Bell and Vegas Runner later for dinner so I'm there early to play some cards. The Missouri/Connecticut game just ends... Read more

This week's edition of Pregame's Sport - s Betting Preview Show is up and ready to roll. In this week's episode The Godfather Marco D'Angelo along with Vegas-Runner, Stephen Nover and Special Host RJ Bell discuss the following topics: -- Team Breakdown California Bears -- Team Breakdown Connecticut Huskies -- Team Breakdown Pitt Panthers -- Question of the Week -- Exclusive Podcast Selections from Pregame... Read more

Las Vegas' newest Hotel & Casino opened at 10:00 PM on Sunday March 1st. The M Resort is a Luxury Hotel, Casino & Spa. My finance and I went over on Monday Night to check things out as now I have two luxury casinos to choose from within 10 minutes of my house, The M Resort and Green Valley Ranch . The decor inside The M Resort is very eye catching and the casino looks to cater to the upscale local crowd much like Green... Read more

If you live anywhere other than Vegas there wasn't much to do on the Wednesday after the All Star Game. But this is Vegas Baby! So RJ and I head done to the strip after Work. The plan was to play poker for about 3 hours then a Dinner Meeting with a friend that was in town. RJ and I end up on the same table. We have played about 90 minutes nothing eventful for either one of us until the hand that unleashed the RJ comedy... Read more

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