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Pregame Blogs

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The Marco Report - The Week that was Week 2

Michigan St @ Notre Dame

For the second week in a row Notre Dame supplied us with one of the most exciting games of the weekend. Notre Dame had an early lead but found themselves having to mount a 4th Q comeback and they scored in the 4th to take the lead. Michigan St drove into the red zone trailing 33-30 and had the game won had Michigan St QB not overthrown a wide open receiver and I mean wide open he was the only player in the endzone Michigan St would have pulled the upset. On the very next play he connected on a pass only problem was it was a Notre Dame Player. At worst Michigan St should of tied the game and sent it into OT.

From a Gambler's stand point Notre Dame has one of the best offenses in the country problem is they have no defense. This team will be in a lot of shootouts this year.

Georgia Tech @ Miami-Fl

Last Thursday we saw the return to glory of the Miami Hurricanes as they dismantled Georgia Tech. The key to Miami-FL is this team is blazing fast. They swarm to the ball like bees to honey. The offense is solid and is getting better each week. The Oddsmaker?s will be adjusting the numbers on Miami-Fl rather quickly so the value that was there in the first two games won?t be there in the coming weeks.

From a Gambling Stand Point Miami-Fl is a team on the rise and will continue to get better as the season goes on. The better take away is that teams are better prepared this year for Georgia Tech?s option attack. Once you play that offense every year your better prepared to defend it. Where Georgia Tech will be dangerous is when they play someone they didn?t play last year.

Bowling Green @ Marshall

Ok I'm bringing this one up to pat myself on the back because I had Marshall in this game last week for my clients. If you remember I had Bowling Green the week before and this week I went against them. This is what I call a Sandwich Game and here is why. Bowling Green played a Big Game the week before at Missouri and almost beat them as a 20 pt Underdog. This week they were a 3 point road favorite at Marshall should be an easy win right? Wrong because Bowling Green was looking right past Marshall because next week they host Top 10 Boise St. The Marshall Game was a sandwich game as they were sandwiched between two Bigger Games for Bowling Green. This made Marshall a live dog as Bowling Green would be flat.

From a Gambling Stand Point the take away is handicapping isn?t all about stats and X?s & O?s sometimes it?s about intangibles such as scheduling and emotion.

New England @ N.Y Jets

The Jets look like they are for real and Mark Sanchez is showing poise way beyond his years. New England hasn?t looked good in the first 2 weeks. The defense isn?t making stops and Brady looks to be only at 80% since the injury. I guess Brady is human after all. The Pats will continue to be over priced because of their Coach and QB.

From a Gambling Stand Point I believe the Jets will be better as a Dog than a Favorite. When young teams become good they are still learning how to win and sometimes the extra burden of a point spread is too much to handle. When you?re a dog you have something to prove but when you?re a favorite sometimes it?s easy to start reading your press clippings. I would be looking to fade when the Jets are a Favorite.

N.Y Giants @ Dallas

The Giants went into Dallas and ruined Jerry Jones house warming party on Sunday Night. In what was a back and forth game the Giants made the necessary plays at the end. Tony Romo once again had a bad performance in a Big Game. Has he won any really meaningful games?

From a Gambling Stand Point it's clear Dallas has serious issues on Defense as they let the Giants score 33 and in Week 1 Tampa Bay put up 21. I really don?t see how Wade Phillips keeps his job this year. Teams that can run will present problems to the Cowboys.


Best of luck to everyone this week...

GM of Picks at Pregame Pros because Marco knows picks - over the last 29 years his teams of pro bettors have won millions! As head handicapper of "Sports Unlimited" Marco is a three-time world champion... Read more

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