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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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The M Resort Opens in Las Vegas


Las Vegas' newest Hotel & Casino opened at 10:00 PM on Sunday March 1st. The M Resort is a Luxury Hotel, Casino & Spa.  My finance and I went over on Monday Night to check things out as now I have two luxury casinos to choose from within 10 minutes of my house, The M Resort and Green Valley Ranch.

The decor inside The M Resort is very eye catching and the casino looks to cater to the upscale local crowd much like Green Valley Ranch. Their were several interesting restaurants to chose from. My choice was going to be Veloce which is on the 17th floor with a spectacular view of the strip. Without reservation's that was impossible as all the upscale restaurants were booked solid. For one night you wouldn't think the country was in a recession the way people were spending Money at the M.

So I shifted gears to plan B which was to try the buffet. Las Vegas has made the word Buffet it's staple and I have been known to bring a few Buffets around town to it's knees.  In fact just like card counters are not welcome in certain casinos I've had to sneak into a few buffets wearing a disguise because I was barred for previous acts of

The Buffet was good but not in the league of Bellagio or Wynn's Buffet but remember this Buffet is half the price. The Buffet had a nice sampling of sushi along with all the traditional buffet offerings of asian,american, mexican and Italian favorites. The marquee items on the Buffet were Alaskan King Crab, Prime Rib and Cedar Plank Salmon. The dessert station was every bit as good as Bellagio's. That's a Big statement trust me. Another surprise was the fact that they included Beer and Wine with the Buffet if you so like. This buffet passed the Marco test with flying colors.

The Sports Book isn't huge but is very well laid out almost like an ultra lounge with high quality lounge chairs to enjoy all the action. It is as comfortable as sitting at home in your favorite chair. The race book has individual TV's at every seat so you can watch and wager on the the track of your choice. I would have to give Green Valley Ranch the edge on the Sports Book.

The Poker Room is nice but on small side only 12 tables and they were all full. I hope they stay that way after the novelty wears off. The action was fast and furious and I really enjoyed the room. The Green Valley Ranch's Poker Room is more spacious but during the week the action is very slow. I think I'll be playing at The M Resort for Poker especially looking for the guy who ran me down on the River and thought he outplayed me. Long Story Short I got it all in on a re-raise for a $500 pot on the turn with the Nut Straight and a guy called with a set only to have the board pair on the River giving him a Full House. That's why we Love Poker I'm a 77% Favorite to win with one card to go!

All in all The M Resort looks to be a success and is located in a rapidly growing housing area. When in Vegas The M Resort is worth a visit and look around I'll probably be in the Sports Book or Poker Room.


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