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The Pittsburgh Steelers are the defending Super Bowl Champs and look to defend their title once again this season. Many times teams will fall after reaching the pinnacle of winning a title but I don't see that happening this year with this team. In fact I see several reasons the Steelers will have another Good year and why I have made a future bet on them for their season win total.

There is no question that the AFC is stronger than the NFC but the Steelers have caught a major break in scheduling this year which doesn't happen when your the defending Super Champs. Last season the Steelers had what was arguably the toughest schedule in the NFL but this season I feel they have one of the easiest and here's why.

The Steelers have games against the entire NFC North a division that was 25-39 last year. Pittsburgh should go 3-1 at worse with those 4 Games.  The Steelers also play the entire AFC West a division that was 23-41 last year. Again Pittsburgh should go at least 3-1 with toughest game being San Diego who plays with Double Revenge from last year.

The Steelers face 2 division winners in Miami & Tennessee they should split there at least leaving the Steelers at 7-3 at worst going into division play. With 6 Games vs Cincinnati, Cleveland and Baltimore the Steelers end up 4-2 in division play at worse giving the Steelers a 11-5 or 12-4 Season. 

Vegas has set the Win total on the Steelers at 10.5 and I have already bet the Steelers OVER 10.5 Wins. It looks like once again the Steelers and Patriots will be battling to see who goes to the Super Bowl from the AFC with San Diego being my dark horse team. 

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