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By Marc Lawrence

Sometimes the price you're asked to pay for success is truly a bargain. And in today's economy, we'll take any and all bargains we can find.

Take the case of NFL teams that have just enjoyed winning back-to-back home games during the pre-season. One might think these teams are primed for a letdown. However, as one of our favorite football analysts, Lee Corso, would say, "Not so fast my friend!" That's because teams in this role are a solid 38-22-1 ATS when taking to the road off a pair of home victories in the pre-season since 1983. Better yet, send them away off a double-digit win and they are a 22-7 ATS winning proposition. Dress these same guys up as dogs and they become 17-4 ATS.


One qualifying play occurred last season when Green Bay invaded Arizona as a 3.5-point dog. The Packers won the whole game, 44-37! Incidentally, they also qualified in a 14-0 ATS PERFECT subset by NOT covering their previous home victory by 15 or more points. Here is a list of the two NFL qualifying teams that will be taking to the road off back-to-back preseason home wins this week: Buffalo (at Detroit), and New Orleans at (Tennessee).


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