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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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Coaching Down the Stretch

The final four weeks of the NFL season are tantamount to the stretch run of a Graded Stakes race. It's where big races are won and lost. Its been said many times over that if you don't have the horse you won't win the race.

For the most part this adage is right on the money. There are times, though, when the ride the horse gets by the jockey can put the team together in the winner's circle. It's why good jockeys are almost always atop quality horses in big races.

The same holds true for head coaches in the NFL. They too are the pilots, guiding their team to the wire, with game plans designed for success - or failure - whichever the case may be.

Listed below are the current head coaches and their NFL career ATS records during Games 13-16 - minimum 8 results (current affiliation in parenthesis). All results are ATS (Against The Spread). We recommend you keep this list right alongside your form, or schedule, as it's a good way to help find the winner's circle this stage of the season...

BELICHICK (Patriots)
Overall: 30-22 Home: 17-8Away: 13-14Favorite: 21-14Dog: 9-8
Best: 10-2 home w/revengeWorst: 1-4 DD fav off DD win


Overall: 4-8Home: 0-6Away: 4-2Favorite: 1-7Dog: 3-1
Best: 3-0 road dogWorst: 0-6 home


Overall: 29-23Home: 13-13Away: 16-10Favorite: 17-15Dog: 12-8
Best: 10-2 vs opp of BB lossesWorst: 4-0 vs opp off SU dog win

DEL RIO (Jaguars)

Overall: 12-12Home: 8-5Away: 4-7Favorite: 7-5Dog: 5-7
Best: 3-0 dog w/revengeWorst: 1-7 vs opp off win w/revenge

FISHER (Titans)

Overall: 31-28Home: 17-16Away: 14-12Favorite: 17-18Dog: 14-10
Best: 12-1 off win vs opp of win 7 >Worst: 0-5 fav > 3 off ATS loss 5 >

FOX (Panthers)

Overall: 16-12Home: 7-6Away: 9-6Favorite: 10-7Dog: 6-5
Best: 6-0 off win w/div revengeWorst: 0-6 off win 17 >

KUBIAK (Texans)

Overall: 8-4Home: 7-1Away: 1-3Favorite: 3-2Dog: 5-2
Best: 6-0 home vs .461 >Worst: 1-3 away

LEWIS (Bengals)

Overall: 10-13-1Home: 4-7-1Away: 6-6Favorite: 5-7-1Dog: 5-6
Best: 3-1 road favoriteWorst: 1-7 after score 24 >

MANGINI (Browns)

Overall: 5-7 Home: 1-5Away: 4-2Favorite: 1-6Dog: 4-1
Best: 4-0 road dogWorst: 0-6 fav < 10

McCARTHY (Packers)

Overall: 7-5Home: 3-3Away: 4-2Favorite: 4-5Dog: 3-0
Best: 3-0 off DD lossWorst: 1-3 vs div opp off loss

PAYTON (Saints)

Overall: 7-4-1Home: 3-3Away: 4-1-1Favorite: 4-2Dog: 3-1-1
Best: 5-0 vs opp off loss 6 >Worst: 0-3 vs opp off ATS win 13 >

PHILLIPS (Cowboys)

Overall: 13-20-2Home: 6-10Away: 7-10-2Favorite: 8-11-1Dog: 5-9-1
Best: 3-0-1 w/revenge off loss 7 <Worst: 0-5 fav 8 >

REID (Eagles)

Overall: 23-17Home: 8-9Away: 15-8Favorite: 9-11Dog: 14-6
Best: 9-2 dog > 4Worst: 1-6 fav > 8

SMITH L (Bears)

Overall: 7-11-2Home: 4-5-1Away: 3-6-1Favorite: 3-6-2Dog: 3-5
Best: 3-0 dog off BB lossesWorst: 0-7 off BB wins

TOMLIN (Steelers)

Overall: 4-4Home: 2-1Away: 2-3Favorite: 3-3Dog: 1-1
Best: 2-0 off SU fav lossWorst: 0-2 off division

TURNER (Chargers)

Overall: 21-20Home: 10-8Away: 11-12Favorite: 11-12Dog: 10-8
Best: 8-1 off BB winsWorst: 1-4 vs opp off SU dog win

WHISENHUNT (Cardinals)

Overall: 3-5Home: 3-2Away: 0-3Favorite: 3-2Dog: 0-3
Best: 3-0 home vs divisionWorst: 0-4 vs non division

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