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When U.S. space shuttle Apollo 17 returned safely to earth December 19, 1972 after landing on the moon, it was the sixth and last Apollo mission in which humans walked on the lunar surface.

Safe to say that after over 300 hours of elapsed time, the performance of the spacecraft was excellent for all aspects of the mission.

The Apollo program totaled 17 missions in all and included the only 12 humans to have ever set foot on another solar system body. Total funding of the Apollo program was $20.4 billion dollars, which by today's government bailout standards appears to be a bargain.

In the world of college football, teams returning home for a season ending conference affair with a crew of 17 or more returning starters have been especially adept in these games when seeking revenge as they have logged a 35-22-2 ATS record in these games since 1990.

Closing out this year's campaign we find Miami Ohio, Oregon State (next week), Rice and San Diego State preparing for splashdown.

Better yet, if they own a .400 or greater record they improve to 27-11-1 ATS. Hold the Rice from the list of teams named above to find this year's qualifiers.

And best of all, if these .400 or greater teams average 130 or more rushing YPG on the season they rocket to 22-4 ATS in these games. Look for the Aztecs to put the final wraps on a job well done this Saturday night.

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