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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Overall I am hearing it was a very good weekend for the offshore sportsbooks. Many of the bookies were wondering when a prime time game would go their way and the Indianapolis Colts did just that to close out the week for them. The folks at BetOnline best summarized the week this way, "Was good to finally win a big primetime game (Colts); especially considering how LSU almost wiped out our Saturday profits... Read more

Whether sharp, square or somewhere in between a theme I sometimes read on the forums is: "BetUS sucks" "Bodog is horrible" I hear it from people who are pretty sharp on not only betting, but in their understanding of the industry. I hear it from the squarest of the square. I hear it from those who sound sharp, but are actually clueless on how everything works. But I wonder how this guy feels about these rants... Read more

NFL Betting Tips

08/16/2010 5:52 AM ·

Football season is upon us, and with all the variables needed to handicap (coaches, players, rules, etc.) always changing, there are numerous betting tips that have stood the test of time. Below you will find some of my personal handicapping concepts I always look at when breaking down the NFL card. Key Numbers: 3 and 7 are without question the most important numbers in the NFL. The secondary ones (in terms... Read more

Every year the crowning of the NBA Champion, followed up by the MLB All-Star Game is the precursor leading into the greatest time of the year; football season. Before the explosion of being able to wager online, football betting was done via a phone call to the local bookie that had certain hours, little options and a fraction of what is available now when betting sports. Instead of the usual game "tips and trends... Read more

First off, I am not referring to the horrible weekend I had with my selections or the fact I am under 50% in college football (still doing well in pro ball though). What I am ranting about is football overall this season for both the NFL and College. As I write this, this season has been going by very quicky in my opinon due to being one of the weakest starts to football in recent memory. Why? Well, let me count the ways... Read more

It is close to that time of the year when the "King of Kings" when it comes to gambling returns: Football. Basketball, baseball, hockey, etc all pale in comparision to betting on football. There is nothing like seeing the lines and spending more time coming up with picks than you probably spend with family and friends on the weekend. Some people call it a day and use a professional sports service. Other people spend hours... Read more

Just kidding. I was bored the other day and went through a schedule book from last season and was amazed at all the locks, blowouts and inside information games that I discovered. First I laughed to myself that they were making these outrageous claims in a schedule book that is produced a months in advance. Than I realized how it was not funny that there are people out there who fall for this nonsense. What nonsense am... Read more

Drum roll............ Anyone who has blanket bet the Boston Celtics this season! With the NBA season winding down, I think it is necessary to crown the champion. The Boston Celtics have won 57 of their 90 games ATS (includes the playoffs) for an amazing 64% winning rate. Regardless what happens in the playoffs, in regards to sports betting, the Celtics are the champions in my book. One the flip side, the New Jersey Nets... Read more

With this the final season of Yankee's Stadium we decided to take a road trip to see the last Tigers/Yankees regular season series in the old ballpark. Besides seeing the first Tiger's sweep in Yankee Stadium since 1966 we had a blast in an amazing city. Highlights: Lombardi's Pizza. Man oh man. With most of the bigger pizza franchises being from Michigan (Little Skeezers, Hungry Homies and Dominhoes), tasting the pie... Read more

The line right now for game seven is the Celtics minus a whopping 14.5. So here is the task for today: I do not want any "no way" or "will be a blowout" talk. Say you were hired to present a case on why the Hawks have a shot to win game 7 outright. So essentially a debate on the two sides and the coin flip gave you the 14.5 point underdog Atlanta Hawks. The best case will get a $100 from me via Pay Pal. $200 if the Hawks... Read more

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