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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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Heads or tails? Half full or half empty? Each and every day there is a line posted the eternal battle between the opening line from the linesmakers and the movement from wiseguy action rages on. Outside of something like the Super Bowl or an occasional Monday Night Game, the movement you see during the week is from professional betting groups. I am sure you always hear the line movement is because the book is trying to... Read more

First off, I am a Big 10 homer. I will be quick to point out that in Bowl Games (despite being in the SEC's backyard), the Big 10 is a coin flip against the SEC in Bowl Games. If you factor out the "choke of all Bowl Game chokers, Ohio State, the upper Big 10 teams have beaten the SEC) I will be also quick to point out that in the Citrus/Capital One Bowl that matches up the top SEC and Big 10 teams not in a BCS Bowl,... Read more

First off, I sweated my butt off sitting at the "big house" watching the Michigan-Utah game. Despite what anyone tries to say, watching football at Michigan Stadium is ANYTHING but enjoyable. I officially know what cattle must feel like cramped in some truck being shipped off to some meat packaging plant in the hot sun. The spots on the bleachers were established A LONG TIME AGO when people were not so big and fat. Don... Read more

There is no denying that the SEC is the best conference in college football. At the same time, there is no denying those numbers are not AS GREAT when you take away the games played in the friendly confines of southern weather and fans. For example, Tennessee has only lost two season openers in the last 16 years and both of those times were games on the West Coast against Pac 10 schools. To take it even a step further... Read more

The clock is ticking and we are just over a week away from the opening week of college football. I already have that uneasy knot in my stomach of joy knowing that within a couple days I can start making college football picks . Some of the bigger games to watch are: NC State South Carolina -12 Oregon State -3 Stanford Utah Michigan -4 Syracuse Northwestern -12 Oklahoma State -6.5 Washington State Hawaii Florida -34.5... Read more

Last season they went 12-1. Won the Orange Bowl 24-21 as 3.5 point dogs over Virginia Tech. Went 11-1 against the spread, cashing 92% of their games for bettors who made college football picks . +21 on turnovers Return 6 starters on offense and 9 on defense in 2008 AND, they have a head coach that can "out-eat" any other coach in college football. The Kansas Jayhawks shocked the college football world by going undefeated... Read more

I know USC reloads and does not rebuild. I know Ohio State has almost the entire team back and will probably make a third straight trip to the BCS Title Game. But, and a big BUT, with the SEC being the best conference in college football, there is no way you can start off the season and NOT give the top spot to the best team in the best conference. The SEC has won three of the past five National Championship (this does... Read more

Being a long time Michigan fan, last season was a HUGE disappointment from jump street. With the core of the offense all opting to return and Ohio State supposedly in a rebuilding year it was BCS Championship game or bust. After game one and losing as 27+ point favorites at home to Appalachian State Michigan went right into "bust" mode. Despite the upset shocker of the Tebow led Florida Gator's in the Capital One Bowl... Read more

With the clock ticking and football around the corner, why not bust open the notebooks and start talking some pigskin. What theories or guidelines do you attempt to follow every season betting football? Even though I feel the do's and don't could be endless, here are a couple of mine: Due to Win will make you Due to Go Broke: The Due to Win theory has sent more people to the poor house than the 1929 Stock Market Crash... Read more

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I mean "bad beat/back door" cover as in "DOH" and not as in "$$$". Poker stories need not apply as I hear enough of this drival at the casino and the home games I play in. I can only take so many "one outer" and "can you believe he called me" tirades. For mine, you have to go back to 2001. It was one of those infamous "late night" Pac-10 games EVERY true junkie bets the motherload on to either have a monster day or on... Read more

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