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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Would you sell your soul for winning football picks?
It is close to that time of the year when the "King of Kings" when it comes to gambling returns: Football. Basketball, baseball, hockey, etc all pale in comparision to betting on football. There is nothing like seeing the lines and spending more time coming up with picks than you probably spend with family and friends on the weekend. Some people call it a day and use a professional sports service. Other people spend hours combing all the forums on the net trying to find the latest hot handicapper. There is that group that reads about some can't lose system or trend and blind bet the card using the latest "can't lose system". Power ratings, line moves, anti-public, the list of angles people try to use are endless.

How much time do you spend trying to come up with winning NFL Football Picks? Personally, I spend little time coming up with the picks. I get stuff from private and offshore sources, so my time is spent on trying to filter everything down. Under the Inside Steam/Vegas Steam brand, using picks from offshore or private guys and putting a personal filter on the plays has done quite well:

2007 77-59 56.62%
2006 76-57 57.14%
2005 58-51 53.21%
2004 72-35 67.27%

But with anything else in life, it is what have you done for me lately. Whether it is clients or my own bank account. Nothing against the stat nerds, but the whole "bankroll" thing is overrated. I have not had to work in a long time. Unlike many of the so-called experts on some of the technical sites that probably barely grind out enough to pay rent, a big win to me means big fun. My wife puts up with ALOT of shit with what I do. So if I hit a major score, you think I am factoring in %'s and doing money management? Shit, I am buying her the latest COACH purse and spending enough at the Strip Club to pay day care for some stripper's kid! The last four years in football mean ZERO to my life and famliy right now. If I shit the bed this season, I can't pay my car payment by bragging I hit 67% in 2004. You think Dr. Bob's clients give a shit how good he was in the past after he buried them this season? How did their money management work out? Not saying you should not be responsible and not bet the rent money, but what is the purpose of having a monster week and not being to enjoy it a little?

So, I guess what I am asking is this:

Despite all the talk and claims about money management and bankrolls, how many people really follow that rule from week #1 to the Super Bowl? Do you really keep a "gambling kitty" on the side and never occasionally splurge with the win? For those who ever have hit a big score, would love to hear some of the stories on what you did with the money?

 Regardless how you handle the money end of it, we should all be excited......Football is almost here fellas!

Johnny Detroit has built an impressive winning record: He has been booted or had limits lowered at 9 offshore sports books, has numerous documented Top 5 finishes in both NFL and College Football and his... Read more

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