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Will USA win the gold? Roster announced Monday:

Here is the 12-man roster that will represent the United States in Beijing this summer:

Carmelo Anthony (Denver)

Carlos Boozer (Utah)

Chris Bosh (Toronto)

Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

Dwight Howard (Orlando)

LeBron James (Cleveland)

Jason Kidd (Dallas)

Chris Paul (New Orleans)

Tayshaun Prince (Detroit)

Michael Redd (Milwaukee)

Dwyane Wade (Miami)

Deron Williams (Utah)

Honestly, with the NBA turning into "school yard basketball", I can't see us winning the gold this year either. Since the infamous Dream Team era, we have had better lineups than the above 12 play and we still get embarrased by Europeans who play the game like we used to in the 1980's. You know; defense, jump shots and team play.

Does anyone honestly we will not go another Olympics without a gold and listen to the usual excuses about bad lineup choices? Personally, shoot for the silver fellas. Gold is not going to happen.

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