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Pregame Blogs

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Who do you plan to vote for President?

Last night I was playing 2-5 at a friend's house and the topic of politics came up. After reviewing the options in my brain (from Obama to Barr (the Libertarian) I finally concluded my decision: NO ONE. Yes, Johnny Detroit is skipping the whole Presidential Vote. Granted, I will go to the voting booth to voice my opinion on other areas, but I think I will sit out the whole Obama vs. McCain fiasco.

First on Obama. Unless the guy has a week to prepare and write some amazing speech (which he can do), not sure how anyone when looking beneath the surface can back this guy. You think Bush looks like a bozo? Anyone watch the PA debates? With off the wall questions and Clinton going for broke on her attacks, Obama looked like a deer in the head lights. Totally clueless on how to answer anything that was not something he was prepped for. He has almost zero substance and has no business being a potential leader of the world (which the US President essentially is).

Now McCain. Since I make my living at Pregame, he automatically gets an X on the bad side due to his stance on internet gambling. Second, McCain went from the Republican who questioned Bush and his cronies to a guy that seemed to drink the kool aid to cater to the powers that be to get their backing come election time. I have the utmost respect for him based on his service in Vietnam. But at the same time, it seems he realizes he needs to fall into line if he expects to have a the Republican machine behind him.

Obviously, a guy like Bob Barr, the Libertarian has zero shot. I was a Ron Paul fan due to the fact he wanted to bring the government back a few notches in terms of how out of control it became. Actually, he wanted to bring it back ALOT, but we all know that would have never happened. Somewhere in between now and the American Revolution would have have sufficed for me. I thought Ron was good for the race because it made alot of people follow politics and care about what is going on. Barr on the other hand does not have the same appeal as Paul. So, I might put in a protest vote and tag Barr, but outside of that, nothing more.

There are other choices, but they have less of a shot than Bob Barr does. People always say it is your duty to vote. Well, I disagree. I think it is MORE American if you abstain from voting for someone because you feel the choices are not real choices. If you put in the time to research the candidates and understand their stance on issues and walk away with a disgusted look, why should you vote just to vote? If you put a pile of shit in front of me and a mound of snot, should I be forced to eat one of the two? Or, should I demand you get something on the table I can eat. Sorry, Obama and McCain are shit and snot.

So who and why do you plan to vote for? Keep the childish stuff out please when replying.

Johnny Detroit has built an impressive winning record: He has been booted or had limits lowered at 9 offshore sports books, has numerous documented Top 5 finishes in both NFL and College Football and his... Read more

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