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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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What is your worst gambling beat ever (no poker stories)?

I mean "bad beat/back door" cover as in "DOH" and not as in "$$$".

Poker stories need not apply as I hear enough of this drival at the casino and the home games I play in. I can only take so many "one outer" and "can you believe he called me" tirades.

For mine, you have to go back to 2001. It was one of those infamous "late night" Pac-10 games EVERY true junkie bets the motherload on to either have a monster day or on the flip side, to win back all the $ lost early on. This particular Saturday, my game to get even was the Washington Huskies vs. the Arizona Wildcats. Between privates sources and my EXPERT (lol) opinion, I put everything I could muster on the Huskies minus three.

The games goes back and forth from the start. With time winding down, Washington is deep in Arizona territory. After a stop on 3rd down, Washington lines up for a CHIP SHOT field goal that would put them up 7 points. The beginning of my pain happened a few seconds later when an Arizona tipped the ball and the Huskies missed the field goal. Despite this, I was still up 4 with not much time left and Arizona had to go almost the length of the field. Considering I had it at -3, I was pretty much golden as Arizona is forced to not only go the length of the field but also score a touchdown with no time left. After some miracle passes, Arizona had time for one more play. What a play it was.....

Around the 10 yard line, Ortege Jenkins drops back for the only option available; a pass into the endzone. The problem was Washington had all the receivers covered and were now converging on the Arizona QB, so Ortege takes of running. I jump off the couch screaming, get that MOTHERF*CKER!!!! My wish from the gambling gods was granted when not one, not two BUT three Washington defenders dive at him as he attempts his leap from the two yard line. What followed not only won the College Football Play of the Year, but I made me feel like I was kicked in my stomach, dumped by my girlfriend and about to puke all at once. As three Washington defenders smacked into Jenkins, he attempts to leap the defenders but is nailed dead on and the impact causes him to spin like a top and do a complete 360 flip into the air. The problem? Well, the problem was as he is flying thru the air from the two, he is spinning mid air and lands on his feet, in the endzone! Touchdown Arizona. Final score 31-28 Arizona. Time stopped that night in that dark living room with the only light being from the flashing from the TV screen. Not sure if it was an abnormal gust of wind or possibly some dust, but I do recall my eyes getting a little watery. If my count was correct that was #324 in my list of times I swore never to gamble again.

What was the one game you remember that made you want to throw the remote into the TV?

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