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Best Final Four Odds:

We took a quick look at all the endorsed sportsbooks to break down the best odds for the Final Four games today:

Final Four start time: The Michigan State and Butler game time is 6:07pm EST on CBS from Lucas Oil Stadium.

Sportsbook reviewed: BetUS,, Bodog, Bookmaker, BetJamaica and Sportbet.

Michigan State/Butler Game Total: 126 BetUS,, Bodog, Bookmaker, BetJamaica
Michigan State/Butler 1st Half Total: 58 BetUS, 57.5 Bodog, Bookmaker, BetJamaica, Sportbet

Michigan State Pointspread: +1.5 BetUS, Bookmaker, BetJamaica
Michigan State Moneyline: +105 Bookmaker, BetJamaica
Michigan State Team Total: 62 -115 BetUS
Michigan State 1st Half: +1/2 +100 Bodog
Michigan State 1st Half Moneyline:
Michigan State 1st Half Team Total: 29 -115 BetUS

Butler Pointspread: -1.0, Sportbet
Butler Moneyline: -118 Sportbet
Butler Team Total: 63.5 -115 BetUS
Butler 1st Half: -1/2 -110, Sportbet
Butler 1st Half Moneyline:
Butler 1st Half Team Total: 29.5 -115 Butler

Final Four start time: The Duke and West Virginia game time is 8:47pm EST on CBS from Lucas Oil Stadium.

Duke/West Virginia Game Total: 131 BetUS,, Bodog, Bookmaker, BetJamaica, Sportbet
Duke/West Virginia 1st Half Total: 60.5 BetUS., Bookmaker, BetJamaica, Sportbet

Duke Pointspread: -2.0 Sportbet
Duke Moneyline: -140 BetUS
Duke Team Total: 67 -115
Duke 1st Half: -1.5 -105 Bodog, Bookmaker, BetJamaica
Duke 1st Half Moneyline: -140 BetUS
Duke 1st Half Team Total: 31 -115 BetUS

West Virginia Pointspread: +2.5 BetUS,, Bookmaker, BetJamaica, JustBet +3 -115 Bodog
West Virginia  Moneyline: +130 Bookmaker
West Virginia  Team Total: 64 -115
West Virginia 1st Half: +1.5 BetUS,
West Virginia 1st Half Moneyline: +120 BetUS
West Virginia 1st Half Team Total: 29.5 -115 BetUS


For the most part (as of now), the majority of offshore sportsbooks are pretty consistent on the Final Four odds. As we get closer to gametime we will most likley see some moves and books jumping to follow. Some examples of the value out there right now is the West Virginia moneyline at Bookmaker and the -2 on Duke at Sportbook.

If you happen to see any good prop value on any of the above sportsbook, make sure to pop in and share.

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