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The 10 Worst Teams in CFB

Each year at the beginning of the college football and basketball season you can tune into any source of media and get their lists of the top 25 teams in the country. With good reason all the positive media attention focuses on these teams who have worked hard to recruit  a team with high expectations. This immediately translates into conversation among sports fans across the nation who all have their own opinions, including that of their home team as to which entities should be included on this list. Though its helpful to know where the power lies among a particular group of teams I find it much more valuable to make a list of the worst teams in the country. It is important to play against these teams early. Because it only takes 1 or 2 bad outings for the power rating on these teams to drop like a stone, thus eroding all the play against value. Though I've put these in order beginning with the worst for ATS purposes one should consider there to be little difference among these teams.

1.     New Mexico

2.     Memphis

3.     Eastern Mich.

4.     New Mexico St.

5.     La Lafayette

6.     Florida Atlantic

7.     Akron

8.     UNLV

9.     Ball State

10.  Buffalo



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