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Pregame Blogs

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“Is There a Bonanza with NFL Totals?

“Is There a Bonanza with NFL Totals? 

In October of 2010, I immediately isolated an NFL OVER trend. Perhaps it was because of an incident that happened with my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.  It was at that point in the season that the Steelers were fined repeatedly for what the NFL termed “unsportsmanlike hits”.  The NFL handed out large fines, and made threats of handing out even largely fines if the purported violence continued.  With defenders notably changing their playing style, scoring in the NFL rose to almost 50 PPG for over a month.  It was not until the cold weather began to influence scoring and a mindset returned to normal that scoring began to settle down. 

Once the labor dispute was settled prior to the 2011 season, the NFL repeated their threats.  Penalties, fines and suspensions would be immediate and severe for any blows to the head, any use of the helmet as a weapon, or any unnecessary attacks on  unprotected players.  Some may say that the Week #1 offenses of NFL teams were ahead of the defenses or there were more teams (witness Miami on Monday night) who changed offensive schemes from a less conservative approach.  Or perhaps, there is an influence of the new kick off rules.  To this viewer, however, it was apparent that defenders were playing with less abandon for fear of threats they would be penalized.  Regardless of what the influencing factors were, the results are obvious. 

  Inevitable adjustments have been made for Week #2.  Yet much like last year, the adjustments they make may be too slow.  Week #2 OVER/UNDER numbers for the 15 games of Sunday, September 18th averaged just 42.7 PPG.  There are again numerous indications on the part of the linemaker as to which games have a higher propensity for going OVER the posted total. 

My OVER/UNDER service is now 11-3 dating back to the PreSeason action in NFL this season. Let’s hope this continues….

Joe Gavazzi

I was born in Oakmont, PA – a couple blocks from the world famous Oakmont Country Club, before it became world famous. I attended Denison University in Granville, Ohio, where I played varsity basketball... Read more

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