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That Was Quick. Nikki Beach Done at Tropicana Las Vegas

This weekend Tropicana Las Vegas ended it’s relationship with Club Nikki and Nikki Beach. This also included letting go, or reassigning the staff.

Effective Friday night, the Tropicana has cut loose its Miami Beach-based nightclub, pool club and restaurant operator. Tropicana Vice President of Food, Beverage and Retail Tom Recine confirmed today that employees working in Las Vegas for Club Nikki, Nikki Beach and Cafe Nikki have been notified that they are no longer working at the Trop.

It can be argued that the clientele Tropicana was seeking to stay at the casino wasn’t the same as the people that might frequent Nikki Beach, but that doesn’t wash with me. Wynn hasEncore Beach Club which brings in the meatiest of meatheads, while the casino tries to cater to a different client with their casinos, rooms and restaurants. The pool party crowd and casino crowd don’t often cross paths.

Further, I’m not sure that the pool party crowd knows or cares about the Nikki Beach/Club brand. If that’s the case, then why would Tropicana want to pay for the name. Just guessing here, but I’m going to say the promotors that came with the Nikki name didn’t bring in enough money to make the deal worth it.

Moving forward Tropicana has a newly renovated pool area and club. Pool parties and clubs are seen as money makers, so this won’t go away. Las Vegas is a copycat market so don’t expect anything new from Tropicana. There is plenty of time until pool season begins and the nightclub can remain dormant for a while as Las Vegas heads into a slow period before the holidays. I would expect Tropicana to bring in promotors that know Las Vegas similar to howHard Rock has local promotors for Rehab.

On a side note, the “Vegas Insiders” on Travel Channel just became out of date with this closure as they included numerous shots from Nikki. It only took a week.

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