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Summer Never Ends In Las Vegas AKA Stacy Keibler Ain’t Ugly

In case you thought pool parties stopped in Las Vegas when the official end of summer (AKALabor Day) passed, then you’re sadly wrong. The summer never ends in Las Vegas andEncore Beach Club brought out the “stars” this week with Stacy KeiblerWarren Moon andChuck Liddell. These may be the most famous people I’ve seen at a pool party since I started paying attention this summer. This is a perfect group of semi-famous people for the meatheads that ECB is looking to attract. Stacy Keibler was even wearing a fedora, which is the hat of choice.

Either way, I love the pool party and learning who’s famous. I hope they never end, even when it gets “cold” in January. Check Vegas News for more pictures.

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