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November 8, New Jersey Residents Vote For Legal Sports Betting

November 8 is the big day in New Jersey where residents can vote to legalize sports betting. Government is urging people to get out and vote as if it will save the dying casino industry inAtlantic City. It won’t save casinos or the Atlantic City market, but I’m sad not to be able to vote here.

Five representatives of the state’s horse industry appeared before the Senate gaming and tourism committee in support of a Nov. 8 ballot question asking voters to approve sports wagering at Atlantic City casinos and racetracks. A statement by the Casino Association of New Jersey endorsing sports betting also was read into the record.

Unless sports betting is approved and allowed state-wide there should only be a minimal affect. People aren’t hopping in a car and driving 2+ hours to make a legal sports wager when they can make one with on online book maker or with a bookie that’s a phone call away.

Of course, the horse industry supporting this may be a sign that there will be sports betting allowed at racetracks which would be a good start to getting racinos then casinos outside of Atlantic City. All things that are good for the state.

I can’t imagine this not passing and New Jersey not having legal sports betting. With that being said, I’m looking forward to seeing how this all rolls out next year. Will they make it in time for the Super Bowl? That’s really all that matters once sports betting becomes legal in New Jersey.

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