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*Boredwalk* Empire Season 2 Has Arrived

I was stoked for the premier of Boardwalk Empire on HBO last year. Unfortunately, that excitement was squashed pretty quickly as I was bored during the first episode. I gave it a chance hoping the show would develop into something interesting, but fter a month of being bored Boardwalk Empire I gave up. Two out of of the first four episodes put me to sleep. That’s not cool. If I wanted to go to sleep, I would do so.

Last night was the premier of season two of Boardwalk Empire. I had a free trial of HBO this weekend (I recently cancelled), so I figured that I owe it to myself and the world to give the show another chance. See, since I stopped watching the show a lot of people were surprised at my hatred towards the show. With the positive bug in my ear I figured this was the right thing to do.

Result? Same thing. I was bored after 5 minutes of Boardwalk Empire. I gave the episode 25 more minutes and I was almost passed out from boredom. It’s funny because I like the characters of the show (and love Steve Buscemi), but I cannot get into this show at all. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the writing, but I’ve given up on Boredwalk Empire. I’m done. Stick to the book (below).


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