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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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10 Bets Per Week Plan Pounds the Books

I've been handicapping for over 20 years and my strength has always been that I am very selective in my plays.  I usually narrow down each day's card to what I feel is the single strongest play on the board.  But on occasion, I've been known to pound two plays on the same day.  It is on this basis that I created the 10 Bets per Week Plan.

My 10 Bets per Week Plan does not mean I bet exactly 10 games each week.  Most weeks I don't reach my max of 10 plays, but 10 plays is the absolute most action I will have in any given week (spanning from Monday to Sunday).  As selective as I am, I have found over the years that a 10 play max works extremely well for me.  It helps keep me disciplined, and governs the occasional urge we all have to go a little crazy.

How does my 10 Bets per Week Plan benefit those betting along with me? First, this method helps the many of you who do not have an exclusive sports betting bankroll set aside.  Without a clear cut bankroll, it is very easy to bet more than you can really afford to lose.  With my plan, you know ahead of time that you won't get more than 10 plays from me in any given week.

So let's say you know you can afford to lose $500 this week.  $500 divided by 10 plays max equals $50.  So you know you can bet $50 on each of my plays and you will not lose more than your $500 even if I manage to go 0-10 (which has never happened!). Each week you can re-set your max weekly loss by resetting your bets on each game. My plan prevents you from being taken out of the action by the inevitable losing streaks that cannot be avoided.

Let's take a long-term look at what this plan can produce over a year's time.  10 max plays per week times 52 weeks per year equals a max of 520 plays per year.  Let's say I win 58% of those 520 plays.  That comes to a record of 302-218.  A $100 player would win $30,200 and, based on risking $110, would lose $23,980.  That leaves a gross profit of $6,220.  A nickel player would clear $31,100 and a dime player would bag $62,200.

My 10 Bets per Week Plan has helped me beat the books for the last two-plus decades.  It helps me stay very disciplined from both a money management and play selectivity perspective - and it can do the same for you.

Dwayne Bryant was born, raised, and lives in Southeast Pennsylvania. Dwayne was introduced to sports betting by his godfather at the young age of thirteen and has been handicapping professionally since... Read more

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