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MLB Preseason World Series Odds:

Major League Baseball season is right around the corner and I wanted to get the preseason odds to win World Series out. What team will you be cheering for to win the series? The Phillies last year were a 20-1 odd at preseason while the Rays were a 150-1.  What will this year winner be at preseason. Will you take a small chance on a team like the Rays? I will be posting my selections a little later.

Odds from BetUs:

Arizona Diamondbacks    25/1
Atlanta Braves                   30/1
Boston Red Sox                8/1
Chicago Cubs                    8/1
Chicago White Sox           20/1
Cincinnati Reds                 50/1
Cleveland Indians              20/1
Colorado Rockies             40/1
Detroit Tigers                     20/1
Florida Marlins                   35/1
Houston Astros                  40/1
Los Angeles Angels          9/1
Los Angeles Dodgers       14/1
Milwaukee Brewers           40/1
Minnesota Twins                25/1
New York Mets                   9/1
New York Yankees            4/1
Oakland Athletics              40/1
Philladelphia Phillies        12/1
San Diego Padres           100/1
Seattle Mariners               100/1
St. Louis Cardinals           20/1
Tampa Bay Rays              14/1
Toronto Blue Jays             40/1
Washington Nationals      120/1
Pittsburgh Pirates             150/1
Baltimore Orioles              150/1
Kansas City Royal            150/1
Texas Rangers                  60/1
San Fransisco Giants       50/1

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