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Dan Bebe's NFL Week 11 Public Perception Lines

Prelude: Same prelude as last week, just a scheduling note: with NBA Blogs coming out nightly, I'll likely go back to adding all the games with early lines on Sunday or Monday, and all the games with lines that come out later in the week on Wednesday or Thursday. So, gone are the days of adding 3 NFL updates every 24 hours -- we'll just fire out the games in 2 big waves, and go to town on 'em.

Pro Notes:

1) NFL -- SUNDAY ALL ACCESS PASS with GAME OF THE WEEK -- 9-3 on "BIG" NFL Plays -- managed to nail the 2* GOW on the Broncos last week, but came up short on the smaller plays. Get 'em all with the ALL ACCESS or just the best play with the single-game package!

2) CFB -- CFB GAME Of The WEEK -- Don't look now, but we've won EVERY College Saturday since Week 3! Very, very quietly, we've hit 9 straight CFB "Big" Saturday plays, and we've won 8 consecutive Saturdays, overall! Pretty awesome, I'd say.

3) NBA --At the time of my typing, we've hit a ridiculous 13 NBA plays in a row! So, with that in mind, a quick promo on the season pass: on average, we'll have about 1.5 plays per day, and given the season is roughly 180 days, and the SEASON PASS is just $495, you're looking at an investment of LESS THAN $2 per play! If you buy the plays individually, it will probably run about $3,000, so...GET THE SEASON PASS - it's the best deal at Pregame.

Week 9 Recap and Lessons Learned: Trust the system!

I'll repeat it: trust the system!

I committed a cardinal sin this last weekend, and one you can best believe won't happen again! I changed a play at the last minute because of irrelevant news. I don't want to go into details, but it's so important to stick to your guns, if you know damn well your guns work!

We all can be human sometimes, and I succumbed to listening to too many voices, so this week it's time to head into my hole, put on my headphones, and get it done without any noise. No more treading water. We've been hovering at roughly 8 units up on the year (bouncing between 7 and 11 for the last 4 weeks), so it's time to make the adjustments, and be a big boy.

What did you guys learn?

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