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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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An NBA Week Begins, Pt 3: NBA RoundUp for 11/8

Weekend Recap: Pretty obvious where to begin on this!

We had our first EVER Game of the Year, and it won! Arizona State aged us all a little, but some tremendous second half offense got us the cover, and darn near got them the win. 1-0 on Games of the Year, and it'll probably stay that way for a bit.

Outside of that jumbo-sized play, we had a nice NBA winner on Saturday with the Nuggets +6, and an equally easy cover with the Indiana Hoosiers +19 for a perfect 3-0 Saturday.

NFL Sunday included a super-lopsided win for the Cleveland Browns +5, and the Falcons somehow failing to cover despite completely dominating the Bucs (it happens). Our NFL 2* on the Cowboys was the absolute disaster of the season. It won't get any uglier than that.

Still, when it all shakes out, ANOTHER winning weekend, up over 2 more units, and now 8 straight CFB "Big" winners, and 7 straight winning Saturdays.

Dig it.

Today: It's a new week, and we're over 10 days into the NBA season, so I'll go ahead and remove the Season Preview Podcast from these daily threads. If you want to check out that bad boy, or any of the other shows, visit

I am not, however, eliminating the link to my season pass:

And, as usual, a single game package -- tonight's comes from the NBA, since I really want nothing to do with that MNF game:

If all that hasn't inundated you, here's a blog:

Sports Wagering: NBA

San Antonio Spurs (-3.5) @ Charlotte Bobcats with a total of 190.5;
I have to say, I'm wildly surprised by the Spurs getting off to such a strong start in their 2010-11 season. This team is notorious for having those old legs that need a few weeks to get warmed up, but not so much this year. San Antonio is 4-1, with the loss coming to the undefeated Hornets. This is just a 1-game road "trip" for San Antonio, so not much in the way of scheduling notes, and their next game is at home against the Clippers, a team the Spurs have owned for a decade. Not a ton of reasons to like, or dislike, the Spurs. As far as the Bobcats are concerned, they're stinking up a storm. It's tough to argue they're getting any better, though they have covered in 2 of their last 3 games, despite being just 1-5 on the season thus far, straight up. I'd love to try to tell you guys that the "sharp" side is taking the home dog in this match-up, but the way these teams are playing, I simply can't trust the Bobcats until they look like they're putting something, anything, together. Lean to SAN ANTONIO and the UNDER.

Golden State Warriors @ Toronto Raptors (-2) with a total of 217.5;
I suppose it's time to try to get a little more organized with these writeups, so we'll try to cover the three main aspects of each game: situational angles, the line, and any interesting motivation/matchup notes. From a situational spot, the Warriors are in a potential fatigue game, playing in Detroit yesterday in the early evening, but then, let's dig a little deeper. Detroit played a slow tempo, and while the Warriors took the loss, it wasn't like it was a heartbreaker, or an especially tiring game. In addition, we're still seeing the 2-point line swing for a back-to-back, even though Golden State finished their game about 2-3 hours earlier than usual, thanks to it being Sunday. On the Raptors side, this is their first game back home off a rough west coast road trip. They lost all 4, though they did cover 2. Still, that first game back is a rough one, especially on an opposite-Ocean, 4 game trip. Situationally, I think this favors Golden State. From a line perspective, it probably looks a little like a strong number for Toronto, but a lot of that is because of the back-to-back adjustment. And in terms of how the teams match up, I'd be surprised to see much in the way of defense. The first team to miss, loses. Lean to GOLDEN STATE and the UNDER, because of potential sluggishness on Toronto's side.

Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic with a total of N/A;
How far do we take the playoff revenge angle? Does the fact that Atlanta dropped one at home to Phoenix yesterday impact how we play this one, today? Well, if nothing else, the back-to-back will give the Hawks a couple more points when the line comes out. I must say, Atlanta losing to Phoenix sort of confirms the idea that this team was anxiously awaiting this game with Orlando. They turned it on too late against the Suns, and lost a winnable game, while perhaps waiting to try to get a little revenge on the Magic. But let's not count Orlando out so fast. The Magic just got done playing one team with playoff revenge on their minds, while failing to cover, and they must know they're going to get Atlanta's best shot. Let's see where this line comes out, but my sneaking suspicion is that folks are going to be on Orlando almost regardless of the line. And as bad as Atlanta's defense looked yesterday, and as bad as Atlanta's offense looked against the Magic in the postseason, I think this one has the potential to be a good game. Lean to ATLANTA and to the UNDER.

Denver Nuggets @ Chicago Bulls (-2.5) with a total of 207;
This game is a classic no-play, and let me explain using largely schedule analysis. Chicago is coming off their brutal OT loss to the Boston Celtics, which was preceded by something of a look-ahead loss, at home, at the hands of the Knicks. Which Bulls team is going to show up here? A team suffering a letdown from the loss in Boston? A team ready to rumble, pissed about said loss in Boston? Very tough to say. The Denver side is equally screwball. Denver is coming off a revenge win in Dallas on Saturday, a game that they clearly just wanted more than Dallas, and I would guess, largely, because Dallas stole one in Denver a couple days earlier. So, does Denver have a letdown game, here? Tough to say. The offense is clicking the last couple nights, Carmelo doing a ton of the damage, and they're smack in the middle of a 3-game road trip, so there's no real key situational note there. I will mention, though, that Denver plays in Indiana tomorrow as a 4th game in 5 nights, then plays host to the Lakers in their first home game after 1 day of rest. I would argue the game tomorrow in Indiana is a bad spot for Denver, but this one is a pretty neutral spot. This line is spot on. PASS on the side, and tiny lean to OVER on the total.

Phoenix Suns @ Memphis Grizzlies (-3) with a total of 214.5;
Oh, sweet revenge...maybe? I desperately want to back Memphis to get some revenge on the Suns, who somehow caught them in Phoenix, took that game to OT, and then beat the Grizzlies in bonus time. Both teams had a game in between the rematch, with Memphis playing the following night in Sacramento and winning 100-91, and Phoenix winning a tight one in Atlanta last night. Based on the revenge angle, you have to think Memphis comes out with a purpose, and given Phoenix played last night, folks might jump on the idea that the Suns are pooped out. But this is also a "first game home" spot for the Grizzlies, who just finished up a 4-game Pacific Division road trip with that win in Sacramento. They're certainly in a position to play a little sluggish, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a Suns team that suddenly looks a little less confused in the 4th quarter come into Memphis and steal the one that's supposed to be a revenge game, and supposed to be a home game to get Memphis back on track. Initially, I liked Phoenix, but the more I look at the game, the more I think Memphis handles the first game home better than most, and I'm leaning MEMPHIS and the UNDER.

Boston Celtics @ Dallas Mavericks (-3.5) with a total of 191;
Boston heads to Dallas off beating the pants off the Thunder last night, and looking like a well-oiled machine in the process. Dallas didn't play yesterday, but lost at home to the Nuggets on Saturday, and continues to be a bit of a risky proposition, ATS, at home, picking up right where they left off last year. They're 2-0 ATS on the road, 1-2 at home, and this line is a little bit on the high side because of Boston's "fatigue." I will say, though, that Boston has not looked like the same team when playing a back-to-back, losing outright on the road in Cleveland in their first b2b, and then needing overtime to beat the Bucks in their 2nd btb. This is the 3rd time Boston has had to play 2 games in 2 nights so far this year, and considering all the OT games they've logged, and going up against Durant last night, one has to think that perhaps the minutes are piling up a bit too quickly. Dallas is almost too scary to back at home, but the one final note is that Boston's next game is down in South Beach, and though they have a couple days off to think about it, there might be a tiny look-ahead going on, here. Slight lean to DALLAS, and tiny lean to the OVER.

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