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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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UTAH JAZZ Advanced Stats: PACE: #17 93.8 OFFENSE: #14 104.9 DEFENSE: #24 107.3 A couple of years ago who would say that right now Larry Miller wouldn’t be the team’s owner, Jerry Sloan wouldn’t be the coach and Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer weren’t on the roster anymore?! That says a lot on how fast the Utah Jazz changed their organization. Last season, the Jazz started with a 27-13 record midway... Read more

2009/10 Review: The Utah Jazz had another solid season last year and once again Jerry Sloan showed how good he is managing a basketball team by winning 53 games in the regular season and “upsetting” the Nuggets in the playoffs before being swept by the Los Angeles Lakers. It was another slow start of the season, as the Jazz were only 18-16 in early January, but then they cruise past all the way finishing... Read more

The Utah Jazz are coming from a bizarre season last year. Of their projected starting lineup for this season, there isn't a single player that played all the 82 games of the regular season. In fact, the starting unit missed a combined of 85 games and this is one of the reasons why the Jazz regressed 6 games, when compared to the previous season. However, injuries can't be the single explanation for such disastrous season... Read more

Utah has barely changed anything on their structure for this season, which makes sense as the Jazz reached the conference final two years ago and last season, they were eliminated by the Lakers in the conference semi finals, so the main question for the team this season is to know if they are good enough to be a contender for the title. If we look to the Western conference, we see that the starting five of the... Read more

If you missed the Part I of this article yesterday, please read it before you read this one. So now let's talk about the series between the Lakers and Utah. Utah won yesterday at home by 123-115, needing an overtime to win the game after dominating about 90% of the game. It's true that the Lakers yesterday were the away team closer to win a game in this series, but also it would have been easy for Utah... Read more

Sunday Matchup: LA LAKERS VS UTAH The Lakers and the Jazz will go head to head in another excelent semi finals of the Western conference, where although the Lakers are the favorites, it won't be as easy as the bookies show it. Right now most bookies have the Lakers to win the series at 1.25 (-360). Like it happened against Denver, the Lakers also dominated Utah in the regular season, winning three games and just losing... Read more

LAKERS VS DENVER The Lakers finished the regular season with the top seed in the West and so, they will face the 8th seed Denver in the first round of the playoffs. Bynum won't probably play during this series and I actually doubt he will play again this season. It is rare to find a difference of seven games between the 1st and the 8th in a conference, but this has happened in this wild Western conference... Read more

Western Conference: 5. New Orleans Hornets I know it seems weird to put the best team of the West in the 5th position, but the Hornets start these final 30 games of the regular season without something the other teams possess: experience! They will play 12 games against rivals of the West and in these games certainly they will suffer some huge losses and the way they will react to these losses will be the... Read more

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