MLB Hall Of Fame Reaction

Jan 26, 2021

RJ and Jonas discuss the MLB HOF committee and there decision to induct zero players this year.

Tampa Bay Reaction

Jan 25, 2021

RJ Bell, Steve Fezzik and Jonas Knox discuss the Packers and Buccaneers final result.

Is Rodgers To Blame

Jan 25, 2021

Tom Brady gets the job done in Green Bay to head to a record 10th Super Bowl. Who is to blame for the Packers losing another game? RJ Bell explains.

Chiefs can teach bettors

Jan 25, 2021

RJ Bell explains how the KC Chiefs can teach bettors a valuable lesson.

Super Bowl Betting With Steve Fezzik

Jan 21, 2021 · Fezzik ·

SleepyJ and Steve Fezzik discuss Super Bowl betting.

NFL Conference Championship Games

Jan 20, 2021

RJ Bell, Steve Fezzik and Matty Holt break down the NFL Championship games for Sunday.

Super Bowl Betting Questions With Dave Essler

Jan 19, 2021 · Dave Essler ·

SleepyJ and Dave Essler talk about betting the NFL Super Bowl.

NFL Playoffs Rams at Packers

Jan 14, 2021

RJ Bell reveals one of his wagers for NFL playoff Saturday.

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