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2021-12-04T21:10:00.000Z 2021-12-04T21:10:00.000Z - College Football

317 Georgia Bulldogs
318 Alabama Crimson Tide










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Sometimes it works out and sometimes not. Handicappers are fans too. Some find it difficult capping games involving their teams of choice. I have not been burdened with that for many years. More than I want to admit. I am a Packers die hard and got burned last weekend when they knocked the Rams jocks off. When it comes to college football I have been a fan of the Tide since the days when the Bear was on the sidelines. And yes, I was just as loyal through the leaner years when Mike Shula was at the helm. But as I have stated on several occasions here over the years, you cannot bet with emotion. You might get lucky sometimes but in the long run it is a dead end. I booked for years, I saw it up close and personal. 

But now we deal with this one game. And yes. I obviously think a ton of it. I have been waiting for this and figured it was going to play out like this in the end. Everything, and I do mean everything here for me points directly at Georgia as the right side FAR more often than not. It is my opinion that if this game was being played with these identical rosters but Bama was wearing the colors of another school then the Bulldogs would most certainly be carrying along a double digit spread here to overcome. But since it is indeed Bama and Nick Saban that curb appeal still translates into points. This is not the elite Tide team we typically see year in and year out. Are they still very good? Absolutely. A down year for Bama is a dream season for most programs. This might go under the radar as actually one of Saban's most masterful coaching jobs. But Kirby Smart has himself a monster under his control. That Georgia defense is a freak. I cannot fathom how that Bama offensive line is going to hold up over four very long quarters against that group. Most of which will likely be playing on Sundays. I visited with a friend who is closer to the programs that most anyone I know. Obviously I have to tread lightly but just trust me when I tell you he concurred. This is not just a lousy match up for the Tide, it is a horrible match up for anyone. This might be a point of contention but I suspect the Tide would be much better off with Mac Jones still under center. I can see Bryce Young getting flustered into some costly poor decisions here Saturday. To beat this Georgia team Bama needs to control the ball and tempo and eliminate mistakes leading to turnovers. I can't see it. Motivation? I cannot imagine Georgia being more motivated than here with a chance to strike a lethal blow to the Death Star on the SEC. Count on it, the Bulldogs will hit the field like caged animals. I am certain Saban will have his troops ready to rumble. But the fact is, and yes, I say fact, this Georgia team just outclasses this version of Bama. And fairly significantly. I cannot see anyone stepping in front of this freight train and living to tell about it. I say Georgia not only wins the thing but by double digits. 

Finally, and most of you know what is coming. I despise the word lock. Loathe it. I hate when boiler room types use it to lure in naive bettors. There is no such thing. If Bama gets some turnovers and plays the perfect game they are capable obviously of covering this number. I do not see it happening but don't wager your mortgage payment on this or any sporting event. It's just dumb guys. I can tell you I am personally hitting this for double my normal play on a triple. That is substantial for my end. But I am not going overboard on any one game. I have been betting on sports since the 1970's. Quite literally. I learned the hard way, like most. Locks and sure things are fiction. I simply stress this trying to pass along what I have learned myself through the years. If I did not give a damn about my clients dough I would just post the play and move along. I do care. 

Okay, that will do it for this one. As always, many sincere thanks and best of luck to each of us. Enjoy the game.    Steve
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11/29/2021 11:31 AM
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