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2020-10-17T22:00:00.000Z 2020-10-17T22:00:00.000Z - College Football

159 Florida International
160 Charlotte 49ers










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No, it's not one of the marquee games on tap saturday. Frankly I just stick to looking for what I perceive as our best opportunities regardless of how high a profile the game is. Curb appeal means nothing when they all pay the same. For what it is worth guys I did check and yes, this match up is going to be nationally televised on ESPNU saturday night. I know a lot of folks want to see the game unfold with their own eyes. Who can blame them. Given my druthers I do too. I personally think Will Healy is a helluva young coach. It's also my view the program will be lucky to retain him for too many more seasons. His reputation among his peers is beyond reproach. After being at Austin Peay where he was named the Eddie Robinson 2017 FCS coach of the year he was lured to Charlotte to build up that program. I talked with one AD who spoke glowingly about the guys future. If you saw the season opener against Appy State where they were knocked off you know this team is better than generally acknowledged. Building a program the right way is taken is steps. Often baby steps. It all starts of course with recruiting and Healy is very strong out on the recruiting trail Of course Charlotte is in a hot bed of talent within their region but of course the competition is beyond fierce. Frankly he was discussed here at Missouri but they went with Eliah Drinkwitz instead, largely on the input of Appy State AD Doug Gillan who had served in the Mizzou program previously. Doug knew moving onto the SEC was a great opportunity and being the class guy he is he did not try too hard to prevent the move. His team is showing signs of coming together nicely as one evidenced last saturday when they went down to North Texas and dominated the game prevailing to the tune of 49-21. This will actually be, due to the crazy circumstances of 2020, the 49ers first home game. Florida International comes into this game 0-2 and has endured some pretty weak QB play. By all accounts from my own perspective and sources I trust this Charlotte team outclassed this years Panthers club and should prevail here by double digits. Chris Reynolds is clearly no household name nation wide but Healy has a good one. He has a well above average arm, mobility and vision. He is also a smart kid who will not blink in tight spots. The 49ers are the more battle tested team entering this game and frankly I will be surprised if there is much drama to deal with down the stretch here. The back end of the Panthers defense can be had and Reynolds should have a big night. I obviously like Charlotte here, a lot. 

Now, I am 7-2 on the year in GOY releases, 77%. That is good but it is not 100%. Nobody hits 100%. That is exactly why I always stress to not get in over your skis and wager more than your comfort level on any one game. The candid truth is most guys listen. But some don't and scream bloody murder whenever a big release goes down. People wired like that have no business betting on sports. I am just saying. I have been doing this since the 1970's. Literally. I could, and might, write a book. The hard truth is without self discipline and money management the bettor is road kill. Zero shot. None. So once again I implore everyone to play this and every game within their means. And once again will emphasize, I am just trying to help. If I did not give a damn I would just post the game and move on. There are no locks. As we saw with LSU baring their asses on defense against Mizzou. Locks or sure things are a complete and total myth. Okay, many sincere thanks as always and best of luck to each of us. Enjoy the game. 
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10/15/2020 12:29 PM
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