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2019-11-19T01:15:00.000Z 2019-11-19T01:15:00.000Z - NFL

475 Kansas City Chiefs
476 LA Chargers










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Seems like the Chargers year after year put themselves into this position. Needing to go on a late season run to make a appearance in the post season. Last year they pulled it off but I don't see it happening this time around. Philip Rivers is a year older and laboring behind a banged up line. The Chargers really needed to prevail that last game out in Oakland. This team just seems to find ways to blow games. Now, granted the Chiefs really blew one themselves last week in Tennessee but the strange fact is the Titans have had the Chiefs and Andy Reid's number for some time now. I expect a very focused effort from KC here and make no mistake about it, they are the superior team here. One thing to keep in mind is the Chiefs are finally getting healthy again. This game will mark the first time since the second week of the season Mahomes will be working behind his entire starting offensive line. He has had a game back to work off some rust, although he didn't appear to need it. Now it sounds like the Chargers will be going without big Russell Okung, and even if he does go he will not be 100%. I am looking for Chiefs DC Steven Spagnulo to dial up some more blitzes in this game. Something they got away from in Tennessee. With Rivers slowing down and behind that line they should have some legit success. Seems like Reids team always have a skid in the middle of the season and I think they rebound here strongly. They have had a week to simmer off that game they gave away to the Titans. And if was very rare for the Chiefs special teams to be partly a culprit. Dave Toub is well respected as perhaps the top special teams coach in the NFL. I fully expect the special teams to be sharp Monday night. Bottom line is I just don't see how the Chargers in their current state can keep up with the points I am confident Mahomes and his offense will put up. I think the stinker in Tennessee provided us with a value here at this number or anything under a touchdown. I don't see Rivers keeping up here in a track meet. Also like the over but prefer the side here. I am willing to go double star on the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Now, as we witnessed yesterday the NFL can be a slippery slope at times. Once again why I stress to the point of nausea there are no sure things guys. I wish there were. Turnovers can flip a result in a heartbeat and sad to say, and I have never really mentioned this much, terrible officiating. I have never seen it so inconsistent or bad. We are on pace to have over 900 more flags thrown this season than back in 2010. Just think about that. So the approach is the same for sure. One game at a time. It is a cliché but it is accurate. This is indeed a marathon. There will be peaks and valley and pot holes to navigate. Just stay the course. Don't over play any one game. It simply is not worth it guys. 

One final note. As always, please remember when you purchase a offer on Monday at Pregame you get 30% off on Tuesday. Just an ongoing gesture of gratitude to our customers. Something more tangible than just saying thank you. And yes, as some folks have discovered. You can apply that 30% off to the longer term subscriptions. Not just the daily ones. Can result in some pretty substantial savings. Okay, many sincere thanks as always and best of luck to each of us. Enjoy the game fellas. 

Added Note: I see this thing has crept north to 6 at some shops. Like I said above, I like the Chiefs here at anything under a TD. Good luck again and thanks guys. 
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11/17/2019 9:03 PM
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